Subj:    HydroCannon Punch V.3
Date:   8/23/00 5:37:19 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Pokemon (20)
4 Squirtle (2 rocket 2 base)
1 Base Wartortle
1 Dark Wartortle 
3 Dark Blastoise
1 Base Blastoise
3 TR Magikarp
2 Dark Gyarados
1 Hitmonchan
1 Rocket's Hitmonchan
3 Articuno

Trainers (18)
3 Bill 
2 Breeder
2 Prof. Oak
2 Comp. Search
1 Brock
1 Energy flow
1 Item Finder

Energy (22)
6 Fighting
16 Water


Strategy: i put fighting in to counter electric pokemon. start with articuno.
by the time i get dark blastoise i can start powering up my TR Magikarps to
evolve into dark gyarados. use base blastoise's power to power up dark
blastoise quickly.


ok, here's the update from last weeks fix. Sorry that i'm not doing many
email fixes lately but i've been absolutely bombarded with requests to do on
the the spot fixes.


Ok, you really haven't changed all that much... especially trainer-wise. Also
there is still too much energy. Ah well... i said i'd fix it, so i will.


I still haven't found out why people attempt to use the makgikrap line. There
are just too many BETTER options out there. I would replace these with
another articuno and another dark blastoise. The rest of the spots will stay
empty for now.
My suggestion is still to take out the chans and replace them with TR
machops, but hey if these two are working for ya then i wont change it.


Ok, we have three open spots with the removal of the magikrap line. So in go
the usual amount of oaks (making a total of four). Add in another breeder.
Dump the RSA's and replace with searches. Take out one ngr for one more
energy flow (too nice with raindance). You might want to dump the brock and a
couple energy for a few gusts. Lastly dump one fighting energy and two water
energy for another bill and two more item finders.

Ok, that's it. Hope that helps... if not you can message me.

Justusdux "Dux"

p.s. just in case anyone forgot, my aim name is "Justusdux"

p.p.s Also note that i live on the east coast. There is a three hour
difference between east coast and west coast in case anyone forgot. Also if
you message me to fix a deck after 11pm east coast i will immediately put
your name under ignore. That means everyone.