Flames of Electricity Deck

Pokemon (16)
4 Electabuzz

3 Charmander ( 2 rocket 1 base )

2 Dark Charmeleon

2 Dark Charizard

3 Jigglypuff

2 Wigglytuff

Trainers (23)
4 Bill
3 Energy Retrieval
2 Gambler
2 Professor Oak
2 Pokemon Traders
2 Pokemon Breeders
2 Switch
2 G.O.W.
2 E.R.
2 S.E.R.

Energy (21`)
11 Fire Energy
8 Electric Energy
2 Double Colorless Energy

The plan is to open with Electabuzz in order to get out charmander and
jiggly. Use the Oaks, Bills, Gamblers, Traders, & Breeders to get Dark
Charizard and Wiggly in play. I chose Dark Charizard over Charizard because
Dark Charizard has a cheaper attack. Use Energy Retrieval to get discarded
energies. If Dark Charizard gets KO'ed Bring out Wiggly or Electabuzz to
clean out your opponent.


It's really late at night and this guy asked im'ed me to fix his deck...
something about an emergeny. Anyway this is what i did with it. Really quick.


you should stick to either one of the lines as your heavy hitter. if it's
wiggly replace it with fossil magmar and trainers. if it's charizard replace
it with scyther if possible. dump the gamble in place of two more oaks.
dump the switches for another gust and another SER. dump the energy
retrievals for 2 nightly garbage run, and a computer search. take out two
energy of your choice and add in a couple more searches.

Done. Hope that helps.

Justusdux "Dux"