3 Staryu
 2 Starmie
 3 Sandsherw
 2 Sandslash
 3 Shellder
 2 Cloyster
 2 Seel
 1 Dewgong
 3 Krabby
 2 Kingler

 2 Energy Removal
 3 Potion
 2 Gust of Wind
 2 Bill
 2 Energy Retrieval

 16 Water Energy
 10 Fighting Energy

Sandshew and water pok'emon to beat your opponent.


Kinda lacking on strategy, along with rare cards i see too. So let's make
this a no-rare deck i guess.


Pokemon: Ok, let's take out the trash of the deck. That would be Staryu's
line, Shelders line, and poor old krabby's line. That leaves us with
Sandshrew's line, and the Seel. That gives us a nice fighter and a nice
finisher. Now we need somebody to be the starter of the deck cause obviously
neither basic pokemon of the mentioned lines is a very good starter. There's
the usual people... machop, and... wait why don't i just get one the cheaper
BBP's from gym. So that gives up machop, brocks lickitung, blaine's tauros,
and maybe even erika's dratini as a stall if you don't happen to get much of
anything in your opening draw. That ends the pokemon review.

As for the trainers. We just can't have a no-rare deck without having four
oaks... well not in my no-rare decks at least. Anyway, just wait until the
final listing until the end to see what i did with these and the energy. Yes,
i'm cutting energy again.

Pokemon (14)

3 Sandshrew
2 SandSlash

3 Seel
2 Dewgong

4 Blaine's Tauros

Trainers (27)

4 Oak =)
4 Bill
3 Nightly Garbage Run
3 Switch
4 Plus Power
2 Energy Flow (text at end)
4 Energy Removal
3 Gust of Wind

Energy (19)

8 Water Energy
7 Electric Energy

That looks a weeee bit better.

Hope that helps,

Justusdux "Dux"

Energy flow, trainer,

For each of your pokemon, you may return any number of energy cards attached
to it to your hand.

The reason this card is so good is that it saves you alot of energy. It
allows you to get back energy on a pokemon that is just about to get knocked
out, or move any energy onto any other pokemon. It's a pretty cool card.