Hello, This is DragonMan
And i need you to take a peek at this original (at least I've never seen
one)deck i've made
Its won me many friendly games and a couple tournies.

---Turbo Gyarados--
Pokemon (18)
4 Magikarp (Rocket)
3 Gyarados (Base Set)

4 Voltorb (rocket)
3 Electrode (base Set)

4 Chansey

Trainers (20)
4 Bill
4 Computer Search
3 Gust of Wind
2 Professor Oak
2 Plus Power
2 Switch
2 Nightly Garbage Run
1 Rocket's Sneak Attack

Energy (22)
14 Water Energy
8 Lightning Energy

The goal of this deck is to get Gyarados up and dragon raging as soon as
and don't even tell me to put Dewgong in instead!
With Electrode to supercharge my Gyarados a lot of 2nd turn wins have occured
with 4 Computer Search i can find what I need.
Rocket's Sneak attack comes in handy if the like Gust of Wind ing' my
Plus Power is there for the little extra damage I might need, and gust of
wind lets me choose who battles.
Switch is there for 2 Reasons, 1: if Gyarados is Super Energy removaled, or
likewise, i can call him back quick and let chansey take a beating, 2: If
Gyarados is ready to go, but i've played energy already, switch my active
with Garados and save myself a turn.

Tell me if i should add more Rocket's Sneak attack, and if i should take out
I've playtested it with Pokemon Trader instead of Computer search, but it
didn't help.
Please reply to my E-mail message even if you don't post this.



Well, it's an interesting deck to say the least.


The pokemon aren't a problem. Rather the trainers and the pokemon are the

Trainers: The first four cards in your list of trainers are fine, maybe one
more oak though. Oh, wait... keep those NGR's too. As for rest...

Take out the plus powers as your all your pokemon all hit for enormous
amounts. Replace them with two No Removal Gym's. That should at least
partially protect your electrode/energy guy's from turning into lost prizes.
Take out the switches and add that extra oak and another No Removal Gym. And
lastly take out the RSA and replace with an item finder.
As for the energy... Dump one water energy in exchange for one more item
finder. Then dump two more water and two electric energy for four double
colorless to power up chansey without the help of electrode.

Alright, that's all i can think of. Hope that helps.

Justusdux "Dux"