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August 9, 2000


Name: Steve Wilson


mIRC nickname (if you have one): Sorry...   


Email Address: stevnpam@digital.net


Skill Level: I'm a novice..but I destroy every deck I come across with my main deck.


Speed Metagame in your area: I only play at the league...but some are very fast. 


Strategy of your deck: I use Koffing to confuse and poison, Weezing to self destruct and get the hard to kill ones (hopefully with a Defender or two attached), and everything else to poison.  The poisoning forces retreats that can get very expensive and remove as much energy as possible...you asked for no rares hehehehe.


Deck Name: Spit and Destroy


Deck Listing (please include quantity of each card also)


Other info you feel is important: This deck gets stomped even by the jokes they call decks in the game boy version of the TCG, but it's all I could think of without any rares that might have a chance.

Please be merciful in your ridicule....hehehe.


Hey, Steve..

Well, let's work on it!


ACK!  Fossil Ekans and Arbok kinda suck... I guess we'll have to rename your deck *grin*. We'll stick to grass and the poison theme, but let's look for a better line to base this on.  Your Kakuna line is solid, so let's use that.  Koffing is a great status effect Pokémon, actually one of my early favorites.  His downfall is needing 2 E's to get him going.  Let's try Rocket Oddish in here instead.  He only uses 1 Grass, same HP, and you can choose your effect. And a GREAT status effect Pokémon is Dk Muk!  We'll add that line too.


Bill and Oak are vital for draw and card advantage in a No Rares deck. 4 of each.  Dark Muk is a sitting duck if he gets dble ER'd, so Switch is a great card to have in your trainers.  Gust of Wind brings in a pokemon for Dk Muk to trap with it's PP. Energy Removal can disarm threats to your active.  Nightly Garbage Run is a good addition to most decks. And... for the techiest card here.... *drumroll please*.... POTION!!!  Potion is great in Dk Muk decks!  Let's you keep this monster up and running as long as possible.


We'll just drop 2 grass to make some room.

New Deck Listing:

Pokémon - #17
4 Weedle
3 Kakuna
3 Oddish (TR)
4 Fossil Grimer
3 Dark Muk

Trainers - #25
4 Bill
4 Oak
3 Switch
3 Gust of Wind
4 Energy Removal
3 Nightly Garbage Run
4 Potion

Energy - #18
18 Grass


Best of luck, and let me know how it goes with this latest version...

 ~ Doll

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