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Brock's Rock Bottom
(Commons Pokémon Deck)
August 30th, 2000


Name:  Mark

mIRC nickname (if you have one): aznpsyduck69


Email Address: aznpsyduck69@yahoo.com


Skill Level: Advanced

Speed Metagame in your area: Medium

Strategy of your deck: Stall and Run, Hit and Run    


Deck Name: Brock's Rock Bottom


Deck Listing


4 Onyx
4 Brock's Onix (Common)
4 Brock's Rhyhorn (LV. 29)


4 Scoop Up
4 Potion
2 S. Potion
4 Switch
4 Pewter City Gym (Stadium)
2 Gust Of Wind
2 Brock's Training Method
2 Gambler

Energy Types:24

24 Fighting Energies

Other info you feel is important: Main theme of this
deck is to stall with Onix, get a Brock's Onix and
Brock's Rhyhorn to charge up and switch Onix with
either Brock's Pokemon.  Use the Pewter Gym to remove
resistance and all other trainers are use to help only
Brock's Pokemon.



Heya Mark...

Well, you have a POKEMON commons deck, but your trainers are not all commons!  So I guess I'll fix this as a mixed deck.


I like your strategy with the 2 Onyx pokemon.  But Brock's Ryhorn just SUCKS!  If you figure the average damage done per turn, it is only 17.5... when you figure in the retreat cost of 3 and the unreliability, it turns our base Machop will be a better choice.  One very interesting Pokemon I have added here is Brock's Mankey LV12.  It can do 40 for 2... use Potions to keep him healthy while he gets a few solid hits in.  Not too many commons could stand up to 2 turns of Karate Chop.  Of course, your Pokemon have a big problem with Grass weakness, and grass is a big in commons offerings. So we'll add in Ponyta (base) to give those plant types some fits.


Let's use Oak instead of the unreliable Gambler. Scoop is ultra important here to get the high retreat Onyx outta there. Item Finder will help you re-cycle your trainers as needed.


16 should be sufficient

New Deck Listing:

Pokémon - #14
3 Onix
3 Brock's Onyx (Common)
2 Machop (Base)
3 Brock's Mankey (LV 12)
3 Ponyta (Base)

Trainers - #30
4 Scoop Up
4 Potion
4 Bill
3 Item Finder
2 Computer Search
2 Pewter City Gym (Stadium)
4 Gust Of Wind
3 Brock's Training Method
Professor Oak

Energy - #16
16 Fighting Energies


Best of luck, and let me know how it goes with this latest version...

 ~ Doll

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