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Venomoth's Plan to Take Over the World!!!!
August 30th, 2000


Name: Colin
Mirc Nickname: N/A
Email: ciberti@mindspring.com
Skill Level: Advanced
Metagame Speed: Ultra Turbo
Idea: Confusing Beatdown
Deck Name: Venomoth's plan to take over the world!!!!
Other Info: Hey Doll, I know you are on a common deck only kick at the moment,
just fix this a deck when you get a chance.

This deck has a wierd funk to it! It seems that it hangs around real well
with decks such as Raindance, Haymaker, Sponge, and especially Wigglytuff but
struggles with low strategy decks (pikachu, charizard and others.)

This deck has a definite problem with fire, but I am reluctant to put in other pokemon
because of their lack to use both psychic and grass energy.


Pokemon- 18
Sabrina's Venonat x4 (Not the greatest basic. Keep him on the bench.)
Sabrina's Venomoth x3 (Wow! Free retreat! Almost Definite confusion! WOW!)
Erika's Exeggute x4 (Psychic and Eggsplosion attacks make him a decent basic.)
Erika's Exeggutor x3 (Psychic Exchange lets you cycle through your deck with ease.)
Scyther x4 (Great Basic. Combos well with Sabrina's Venomoth.)

Trainers- 20
Bill x4 (Two free cards is never a bad thing.)
Professor Oak x3 (Get the Cards you need in a hurry.)
Pokemon Trader x4 (Trade for the right Pokémon at the right time.)
Super Potion x4 (Keep Venomoth and Scyther Alive!)
Defender x4 (Keep your basic alive.)
No Removal Gym x1 (Let Scyther load up without a hiccup.)

Grass x9 (All of the Pokémon can use grass or...)
Psychic x9 (...psychic to attack. Use this to your advantage.)
Double Colorless Energy x4 (Use for Slash and Stomp)

Strategy: Get Venomoth out by any means necessary and confuse the defending Pokémon with Distortion Wave. After you confuse the defending pokemon, retreat (For FREE!!!) and bring in Scyther to do 30 until you knock out the defending pokemon, or the defending pokemon knocks itself out. (Confusion) Bring Venomoth back in and confuse the new pokemon. Repeat this process until you win. Use the Defenders and Super Potions to keep this combo going for a long time.

Thanks Doll,

Hey, Colmasta!!!

This is GREAT! People, if you want to have a chance at having your deck posted here in my garage, THIS is what I am looking for.... Originality!  GOOD Originality! Not just a bunch of random cards thrown together, but something well thought out and PLAY-TESTED so you can tell me it's strengths and weaknesses!  Colmasta, I commend you!  (And I admit that I am a bit partial, as one of my original decks (Hit and Run) ran on the same premise: Confuse with Venomoth (though back then it was Jungle 'Moth) and free retreat for a heavy hitter).  And I LOVE the deck name!  On to the fix...


Venomoth is great!  Venonat is okay, but it's low HP makes him kill bait.  We'll take 'nat down to 3. Trouble with Fire? A good colorless should help. Ditto is always a versatile choice. The Erika's Exeggutor line is okay, but I really don't think he is fitting in with your theme here.  Yes, Psychic exchange is awesome, but it will cost you dearly in retreat costs.  It is my thought to pull the line, and instead use trainers to get the card drawing effect.  if you do pull the line, increase your Dittos by 1 and replace the other 4 slots with another Oak and 3 Sabrina's Gaze.  Then change a few Psychic Energy into Grass. 


Hmm... Scott and I came up with a sweet little combo when Gym Heroes first came out. We'll dump the Super Potions and Defenders for it.  I use Energy Flow to pull back all the energy on any damaged Pokémon, then use Pokemon Center to heal them up.  Since your Pokémon are low cost energy cost, this should have little slow-down affect on your attacks, plus you can heal multiple Pokémon at the same time.  It's pretty efficient when played well.  Gust of Wind is a given in a deck like this.  Pokemon Trader should be fairly efficient in a deck with this many Pokémon, but if you take out the Egg line, cut back on the Traders or eliminate them for Computer Searches.  Scoop up will also work with Energy Flow, and is REALLY important to have around with Ditto.  If Ditto receives 50 or more damage, you'll want to Scoop him out of there to avoid a low HP promotion knock out by your opponent next turn. Energy Retrieval works well in multicolored Energy decks. We'll add one more No Removal Gym to avoid the hazard of having your single one end up inaccessible in your prizes.  NGR can recycle vital energy or Pokémon. 


Trainers let us reduce your energy counts. 


Be sure to put down a bench with your opening hand if at all possible.  The trap combo will eat your low HP basics alive if you cannot get a decent bench down immediately.  Play-test this deck, and it you find the Egg line is not coming into play much, seriously consider dumping it and implementing my above suggestions. 

New Deck Listing:

Pokémon - #17
3 Sabrina's Venonat 
3 Sabrina's Venomoth 
3 Erika's Exeggute 
2 Erika's Exeggutor
4 Scyther
2 Ditto

Trainers - #25
2 Bill
3 Professor Oak
4 Pokemon Trader
2 No Removal Gym
3 Gust of Wind
2 Scoop Up
3 Energy Flow
3 Pokemon Center
2 Energy Retrieval
1 Nightly Garbage Run

Energy - #18
7 Grass  
7 Psychic
4 Double Colorless Energy


Again, Colmasta, great ideas here!  Thanks for the innovative submission!

 ~ Doll

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