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August 2, 2000


Hi Clefairy Doll My name is wizardrew and I have a deck for you.  It is called Slash.  I have gotten sick of raindance Wiggly(I play one myself), and haymaker.  So I decided to make this deck.
Name: Andy
mIRC Name: N/A
E-mail Address: wizardrew@core.com
Skill Level: Novice-Intermediate
Metagame speed: Medium-Fast
Strategy: Beatdown
Deck Name: Slash 
4x Sandshrew
3x Sandslash
4x Onix
4x Machop
4x Farfetch'd
4x Bill
4x Energy Removal
4x Nightly Garbage Run
4x Gambler
4x Recycle
4x Plus Power
13x Fighting
4x DC Energy
Other Info:  I would like to keep my deck a no rare deck.  I know in the future it will have some rares but as for right now I feel it is OK.
I would like to keep the sandshrew/sandslash family in.
Once Gym One comes out I will add some of those to my deck.  But that isn't for a while....so I don't care.


Hey, Andy...

Cool!  No Rares is a deck type that I love!  We'll have some fun with this.


We'll leave in Sandshrew and Sandslash per your request and build around them.  Their main problem is that they are weak to grass, and Scyther is presently one of the most commonly played pokemon.  If you also have Onix, Scyther will give you major problems since you are now very weak to him, and he is very resistant to your fighters... yikes!  Let's switch out Onix for Lickitung to reduce your vulnerability to Scyther and his little green friends.  Other than that, we'll bring your Pokemon counts down a bit to make room for some more trainers.


Take out Gambler and add in Oak.  Gambler just isn't a sure enough thing here, and it would be a bummer to get stuck with only 1 card in your hand.  I wanted to add in Scoop Up to get your high retreat Lickitungs out of there, but remembered you didn't want any rares, so we'll go with Switch and Mr. Fuji instead.  Now a few Gusts for good measure....


Your energy counts look fine, so we'll stick with them.

New Deck Listing:

Pokémon - #16

4 Sandshrew
3 Sandslash
3 Lickitung
3 Machop
3 Farfetch'd

Trainers - #27

4 Bill
4 Energy Removal
4 Oak
3 Nightly Garbage Run
4 Plus Power
3 Switch
2 Mr. Fuji
3 Gust of Wind

Energy - #17
13 Fighting
4 Double Colorless Energy


Best of luck, and let me know how it goes with this latest version...

 ~ Doll

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