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Going, Going, Gone
August 23rd, 2000


name christine

mirc nickname dont have one what is it ???

xena girl fan @aol.com

skill level beginner

speed metagame dont know what your talking about

idea beatdown

name of deck going going gone !

3 staryu
3 starmie
2 bulbasaur
2 jigglypuff
4 psyduck fossil
3 potion
1 energy removal
3 energy search
2 bill
2 mst fossil
6 grass
17 fighting
12 water

help please im despret no one will help me make a easy to make deck !!!

Hey, Christine...

The reason I chose Christine's deck is because she is one of the few that actually submitted and all Commons Only deck to me.  Good job following directions, Christine!  I do remember what it's like to be a beginner, and how much it means to have someone take pity on you.  Okay, girl.. let's see what we can do with this to pretty it up a bit.  For all those watching, this will be a fix aimed at a beginner's environment, a Pokemon League type of deck that will be run for fun.  Also keep in mind that this is a Commons Only deck.  Other brand new beginners out there, please consider following my Beginner's Guidelines before submitting.


Let's focus on Water and Grass.  Psyduck fossil isn't all that hot without psychic, so out he goes.  Bulba is stinky by itself.  We'll change your ratios on the Starmie line by uping your Staryus. Let's add a decent Grass line of commons, Metapod.  Jiggly can stay, he's cool....


Eeps! Trainers are your life blood... let's add in some of the best common trainers, and luckily most of these are fun to play for beginners.  Gaze takes the place of Oak in a commons deck....


?!?!?!  Yikes! 35 Energy... and what is the fighting in there for?  From your Mysterious Fossil in your trainers, I am going to guess that this deck used to have some kind of fighting line in it, and when you removed it you forgot to take out the Fossil and Fight E.  Need to be a bit more careful there, hon.  Okay, let's cut out fight all together, and give you a lower e count. 

New Deck Listing:

Pokémon - #16
4 Staryu
3 Starmie
4 Caterpie
3 Metapod
3 Jigglypuff

Trainers - #24
4 Potion
4 Energy Removal
4 Bill
4 Sabrina's Gaze
4 Switch
4 Gust of Wind

Energy - #20
10 grass
10 water


Thanks for writing, Christine! Have fun with this!

 ~ Doll

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