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The Rare Deck of Only Uncommons
August 23rd, 2000


Name: Genevieve Newman
mIRC nickname (if you have one): Nothing

Email Address:FrogHopper2000@juno.com
Skill Level: Advanced
Speed Metagame in your area: Medium
Strategy of your deck: To only use common cards to beat my
enemies pokemon with strong cheap attacks. Also using
colorless commons for flexabilty.
Deck Name: The Rare Deck Of Only Commns

Deck Listing x
Pokémon   x17
3x Machop
3x Charmander(one of them rocket)
2x Blains Tauros
3x Gastly(fossil of corse)

Trainers x22
3x Switch
3x Energy Flow
3x Potion
4x Energy Search
3x Energy Removal
4x Bill:)

Energy Types
7x Fighting Energy
7x Fire Engergy
7x Psychic Energy

Other info you feel is important: Plese make my deck the best
it can be..also remember in my area alot of people play all rare
decks..thats what scares me the most.Please fix this deck Doll
because I got leauge to play!Thanx a million for reading this!

Hey, Genevieve...

You have quite the Commons Potpourri going here! The major problem with running Potpourri in commons is that you lack the search capabilities you need to pull it off. Since Gastly is an uncommon anyway, we'll eliminate him and the psychic energy, eliminating your need to run 3 colors. This should give you an easier time finding the E's you'll need.

An important note here: If you are playing against a deck with tons of rares in it, this deck will have a difficult time standing up to it.  The concept of using an "All Commons" deck is hopefully to use against other players willing to accept the challenge of a non-standard play environment. Instead of trying to take on the people that rely on rares, challenge them to bring an "All Commons" deck to the next meeting and play.  Everyone has lots of extra commons laying around, so no excuses that they don't have enough expensive cards!


We have to dump fossil Gastly... great card, but he is an uncommon so we won't use him in this deck.  Next out the door is Rhyhorn.... his high cost attacks are just unjustified here. Blaine's Tauros is pretty darn good in this environment, though! Nice choice, so let's add another of him.  Fire is pretty hot in this deck (pun intended... yuk yuk!!) so let's increase #'s there a bit. Machop is fine, and Spearow is a little iffy, but I figure you want him for his mirror attack and fight resistance.


Ooooo.... I was just talking to Scott G. while I was fixing your deck.  He made a great recommendation that really makes a lot of sense for an all commons deck... since you may not use Oak, Sabrina's Gaze is a great alternative! (Thanks, babe - great idea!) Since you are going for an advantage by exploiting weaknesses and resistance (a basic premise of Scott's Potpourri) we'll go to 4 Gusts to make sure you are facing the Pokemon that you want.  Switch will be used likewise. Energy Flow may not be very useful with low E cost Pokemon, but I'll leave it in for now.  If it seems a waste during playtesting, exchange them out for perhaps another Switch and maybe more E.  I took out the Energy Searches since we are using Gaze here and dropped the number of colors used.


We change your E numbers according to your Pokemon.

New Deck Listing:

Pokémon - #14
2 Charmander Base
2 Charmander Rocket
2 Ponyta

3 Machop
3 Blaine's Tauros
2 Spearow

Trainers - #26
4 Sabrina's Gaze
4 Bill
3 Switch
4 G.O.W.
3 Energy Flow
4 Potion
4 Energy Removal

Energy - #20
7 Fighting Energy
13 Fire Energy


Now get out there and issue some challenges!

 ~ Doll

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