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Uncommonly Heated Battle Deck
August 16th, 2000


Name: Noah Weiss   


mIRC nickname (if you have one): none (what is it?)


Email Address: bigguy7171@aol.com


Skill Level: Intermediate


Speed Metagame in your area: Fast


Strategy of your deck: My deck is a different kind of beatdown, with Pokémon
that can attack CONSISTENTLY, and not rely on the coin ( I have another one
of these decks, called Hit On and On).


Deck Name: Uncommonly Heated Battle Deck


Deck Listing (please include quantity of each card also)

Pokémon (26)
x2 Squirtle (Base or TR)
x1 Wartortle
x3 Seel
x2 Dewgong
x3 Goldeen
x2 Seaking
x3 Sandshrew
x2 Sandslash
x3 Machop
x2 Porygon (TR)
x1 Blaine's Tauros
x1 Blaine's Kangaskhan

Trainers (11)
x2 Plus Power
x2 Defender
x3 Bill
x1 Prof. Oak
x2 Potion
x1 Gust of Wind

Energy Types (23)
x12 Water
x9 Fighting
x2 Double Colorless (only have 2 :( )


Other info you feel is important: My playing style is to create unique decks
that help me to exploit all of the possible
fun out of a match. I do not use many trainers, because I prefer to use
Pokémon that substitute for trainers ( so when Néo comes out in English, I
want Pii ASAP!) I play to have fun, not to win. Therefore, I feel that people
that use archetypes are totally missing the point of having a great time.
Even though I've never made the cut of Top 8 at any tournaments, I feel sorry
for those people that don't have fun and only play to win tournaments. Please
do not suggest trainers that would take the count above 15.



Hey, Noah..

This is an interesting No-Rares deck.  One thing I think will keep you happy with playing AND give you a chance to make this more competitive is a bit of focus... let's see what we come up with here.


Dude... lose the Seaking line... just not necessary and adds little to the deck.  Blaine's Kanga is just not up to par either.  I was confused (so to speak) by your inclusion of Blaine's Tauros until I saw your defenders... cool enough.  Let's just increase the amounts of the family lines to give you some reliability.


Okie dokie... 15 is whatcha get then... to increase your chances of seeing your evos, I'll add a couple Oaks.  A couple more Gusts are a good addition too.


A minor change by adding 1 more fight.  If you are seeing too much of either, you may need to adjust your ratios of water to fight... play with it a bit and see what works for you.

New Deck Listing:

Pokémon - #21
3 Squirtle (Base or TR)
2 Wartortle
3 Seel
2 Dewgong
3 Sandshrew
2 Sandslash
3 Machop
2 Porygon (TR)
1 Blaine's Tauros

Trainers - #
2 Plus Power
2 Defender
3 Bill
3 Prof. Oak
2 Potion
3 Gust of Wind

Energy - #24
12 Water
10 Fighting
2 Double Colorless (only have 2 :( )



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