Look, you're 44, she's 22. You are twice her age. It won't work. Give it up. Excuse me, I have a patient here now.

Sorry for that. Dr Finkelbaum, the deranged dentist in the office nextdoor has been feeling lonely lately. I guess being an unmarried loser at 44 has that effect.
Well, he has decided that he would like to start a romance with my secretary.
She has decided she would like to start a fire with Finkelbaum's toupee.

The last few days have been pretty embarassing for everyone involved here. The first day, I opened the office to find it full of flowers and candy. I suspect Hypno may have let Finkelbaum in before I arrived. He's been punished out of principle. If Hypno didn't let that dentist in, I'm positive he did something else worthy of punishment.
Yesterday, there was a horrible cacaphonous symphony coming through the walls into my private office. He was singing her love tunes to the sound of a dentist drill. Later he brought her a necklace made of scrimshawed bicuspids. Touching.
Today, he has brought tickets to the opera. Normally this would be a decent ploy with a regular female. But note the word regular. My secretary doesn't like opera. She won't listen to anything that has less than three guitars and an amplifier the size of a commercial aircraft. If Finkelbaum had tickets to Incubus or Korn or something, he'd have a chance.

I would very much like to fix your deck and remove this humiliating sight from my eyes. I'll have to check now and again just to make sure she has't plunged a letter opener through his chest though. At least the paramedics have been nice enough to put us on their frequent flyer program.
Let's go fix that deck now.

"So, this is what your office looks like. Nice setup.
Don't mind my Dragonair flying around the room, he PROBABLY
won't break anything, but he's been Hyper Beam happy

Oh well, here's my deck."

|Trainer Name: Yoruno Ryuu
|Deck Name: Deck of the Decayed
|3 R Dratinis [Okay, maybe THEY aren't bad.]
|2 R Dk Dragonairs [Responsible for the overhanging
|1 R Dk Dragonite [So it has a diseased mind.]
|3 F Grimers [Feeding off the waste.]
|2 R Dk Muks [Poisoned filth in the wasteland.]
|3 F Gastlys (Gastlies?)
|2 F Haunter [This place inspires Nightmares.}
|2 F Gengars [Cursing spirits.]
|2 P Mew [Devo!]
|7 Grass Energy
|11 Psychic Energy
|4 DCE
|3 Bill [The not-so-brave adventurer.]
|4 Switch
|3 Computer Search
|3 NGR [They're not dead yet!]
|3 ER
|2 RSA
|This deck is kind of slow until you get Dark Dragonair.
|(That's what the CPU Searches are there for.)
|Then it sort of plays itself.
|DkDragonair uses Evolutionary Light to get DkDragonite.
|Summon Minions to find Mew and other Basics.
|Mew uses Devolution Beam on DkDragonite to get Evolutions.
|Gastlys for Energy Conversion.
|2 Gengars for more Curses.
|I prefer ER to SER because I hate wasting energy.
|The main problem I see with this deck is that it is
|vulnerable to cards that restrict PokéPowers.

So, Dr. Landon. What do you think of the deck?

--NyghtDragon =|<)>
[Yoruno Ryuu]
"I don't suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it."

Not bad. Not bad at all. There's room for improvement, but you've got a nice start going here.
This deck seems to be very Pokemon intensive. Don't worry, it's a common problem. Most competitive decks (And I'm not even referring to tourneys) have between 11 to 14 Pokemon. I'd like to slim your deck down some.

The Dratini/Dark Dragonair aspect is very solid. Dark Dragonair has a very abusable Power. The resistance to Psychic attacks is quite nice too.
Dark Dragonite isn't that great. Summon Minions is pretty redundant since your deck should already be able to produce the Basics when you need them. It's attack isn't wonderful either. I'm going to pull out Dk. Dragonite. Dk. Dragonair is far enough.

I don't see where you're going by having the Dk Muks in here. Dark Muk requires a whole seperate strategy of inflicting status effects and removing Energy, one that won't really fit into this deck. Dark Muk is also pretty low on HP with a Weakness to Psychic, a Weakness already present elsewhere in this deck. You don't want to duplicate Weaknesses. Goodbye Grimers and Dark Muks.

The Gastly/Haunter/Gengar line is a very strong one if used correctly. The lack of a Weakness to Psychic and a Resistance to Fighting is spectacular. Toss in some beautiful Pokemon Powers and some very solid attacks and you'll know why this is a very popular family. (I'm somewhat dissapointed that there was no "dark" line of Haunters and Gengars, although I guess you could consider their regular versions Dark since they're not very nice to begin with.)
I think the presence of the Gengar lineup in this deck will add a level of strategy and opportunity to your advantage. Curse is especially tricky and Haunter's Transparency is equally annoying. Haunter's not much of a hitter, but guaranteed Sleep is ok. There's a 50% chance it'll work out to your advantage, which isn't terrible. The Gastlys are good for blocking opening Hitmonchans and replenishing your Energy when needed.

Finally, while I don't consider Mew to be an exemplary card, I do think it fits in nicely with this deck. It's definitely a late-game ace. Devo Beam is downright mean for Raindance Players who have used up their Pokemon Breeders. Psywave can be just as crippling for some Pokemon. It will usually do at least 30 damage for one Psychic, which is nothing to laugh at. A couple Mews would be a very good addition to this deck.

The problem mostly with this deck is the lack of Trainers. You have some, but need more. I find a good philosophy toward playing Pokemon is to think of the Pokemon in your deck as being support for the Trainers. The Trainers do the most work in assuring that your deck functions like you want it to. Without a steady amount of Trainers, your Pokemon will just sit around hoping that the game goes as you want. This is a good way to loserville.

First, lose those 4 Switches. Switch is an okay card, but it's unncessary in this deck. Some of your Pokemon don't have a retreat cost at all. Others have just one for a cost. You don't need Switches for retreating those. Energy should not be that scarce.

Add another Bill to this deck and toss yourself some Professor Oaks. These cards are the backbones of every deck, allowing you to refill your hand as needed. Without cards, you have no options. Without options you lose.

Computer Searches are great. Glad to see them in here. :)

For the early game when you're trying to establish your bench, it will be important to keep threats away. his is what makes Gust of wind such an important feature of any deck. I'd suggest you put a few in this deck. Your Weaknesses and Resistances are nicely balanced, but it still would not hurt you. I'm positive you'll find a need for them sometime.

Nightly Garbage Run is very nice, especially with the Dark Dragonairs. I'm pleased that you've seen this combo. Getting Gengars or Haunters back into the deck and into your hand a la Dragonair is a winning strategy. Nicely thought out. Of course geting Besic Energy into your deck is equally good.

Rocket Sneak Attack is a potent card early on. I'd add a third if you get the chance. The metagame applications of this card continue to stagger me. I think I like it better than Lass.

You should place an item Finder, or several into the deck. It's great for finding late game Sneak Attacks and the like. You will NOT regret having them around.

Finally, those Energy Removals should be upgraded to Super Energy Removals. It's just that much of a better card. 2 for 1 is always a good deal.

Excuse me..gotta make sure Finkelbaum is alive and kicking...hehe.

Hey, listen to this. He's reading her poetry.

"You are my buttercup.
My blooming flower.
If love were a consultant,
I'd pay him by the hour.
You are the heavens.
You are the stars.
Although you're from Venus,
I'd gladly leave Mars.
Your smile is bright,
Like something solar.
Your visage perfect,
Like a shining molar..."

Ugh...hand me the Pepto Bismol. Let's go back to your deck.

Well since I removed, the Muks, we can safely remove the Grass Energy as well. in fact the only Energy you really need is Psychic, although I'd place in several Double Colorless Energy for the Dragonairs. A couple Full Heal Energies would also be of good help to deal with Magmars and Electabuzzes.

Dr. Drivel out there is getting out of hand. I'm gonna wrap this up with a revised decklist, a summary and then I'll go kick his lovesick tuckus outta here. His type nauseate me.

4 TR Dratinis
3 Dark Dragonairs
4 Fossil Gastlys
2 Fossil Haunters
2 Gengars
2 Mews

4 Bills
3 Professor Oaks
3 Computer Searches
3 Gusts of Wind
3 Nightly Garbage Runs
3 Rocket Sneak Attacks
2 Item Finders
3 Super Energy Removals

3 Double Colorless Energy
3 Full Heal Energy
13 Psychic Energy

This deck has one of the nicest blends of Resistance without Weakness that I've seen in a long time. Fighting type players will be hard pressed to hurt you, that's for sure. Psychic players will be in for a world of hurt with Gengar and the surprise Mew.
Your best tactic would be to keep a Gastly out active until it either becomes a Haunter to stall or you manage to get the Dark Dragonair in use and fully pumped with Energy. Upgrade to Gengar as soon as you can and pound away. Don't worry heavily about losing your Gengars. NGR will retrieve him for you and Dk. Dragonair will put him right back into play. SER's and Gusts should slow your opponent down and Rocket Sneak Attack will let you know what's in his hand so you can play accordingly.

This is a very subtle deck and one that will serve you nicely once you become familair with its nuances. Nice work! I pronounce you cured. You may pay my secretary once you leave, if you're able to make it past Dr. Romeo there.

Speaking of the D.D.S....I think I'll kick him out now and then find out what measures must be taken to get a restraining order.

OK, I've had it. You're disrupting everything and furthermore...Hey. Where'd he go?

Whattya mean he left? Of his own accord? How? He was smitten?

Yeah, I know Moonbeam. She's that priestess from the New Age clinic across the floor. Kinda fruity, but nice. What about her?
Mmmm hmmm. She returned your compact a bit ago and Dr. Finkelbaum saw her? He followed her right out? Well at least that's one literal monkey of your back.

I do feel sorry for the Dr. now though.

Huh? Oh, no reason. Just, I hear Moonbeam knows voodoo, that's all.

I guess there's gonna be a lot more screaming than usual coming from his office nextdoor. I should order more insulation.

Good Luck!!
Dr. Crash Landon