Ugh...Hello everyone. I normally have some wacky
misadventures or mindless grumblings happening here at the office.
Today would be no exception if it weren't for the fact that I am
suffering through what feels like one of the worst stomach aches I
have experienced in some time. The only worse one I can recall
was from when I had food poisonng several years back and I'm not
so sure that this time is any different. I probably should not have
eaten those leftover spare ribs in the refrigerator this afternoon.
They not only disagreed with me, they went out, bought a shotgun
and came back to show me just how much they can't stand my
sorry keester.
       So I apologize for not having any crazy stories this week. I
know a lot of readers enjoy them and if I weren't in pain I'd hgrind
them out once more. Instead I'm just doing normal deck fixes, like
those you would find in any other Garage. The real point of this is,
after all, to make good decks great. So let's get cracking. I'm not
sure how long I can take the pain.

   Here's the deck:

Out of sheer boredom, I've been building deck after
deck. This is one of them.

If nobody minds, I've brought my Raichu. He and
probably my deck needs help. I don't think you can do
anything about Raichu. But here's Lightning Flare:

Pokemon - 16

3 Pikachu (Base)
2 Raichu (Base)
3 Eevee (either)
3 Dark Jolteon
4 Magmar (Fossil)
2 Chansey

Energy - 24

Fire - 12
Lightning - 12

Trainers - 18

4 Bill
2 Prof. Oak
4 PlusPower
2 Defender
2 Energy Retrieval
2 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Computer Search

Strategy: Reduce the Defending Pokemon's chances of
landing an attack while piling on the damage yourself.
No big detail.

Oh. If your Hypno gets any ideas about picking my
pockets, tell him I don't have anything of great

Until the next deck!
digicat405 (a.k.a. digiMeowth)

P.S. I don't mean to pile too many decks on you. If I
do, tell me.


   Well DigiMeowth, I do mind a lot of decks piled on me at once.
Every Mechanic detests multiple decks from one source. The fact
that I enjoy Electric decks kept this from falling into the trash. In
the future please submit only one deck at a time in any given
week, ok? Thanks. You CAN submit several different decks at a
time though, just send them to different Mechanics. Make sure
nobody gets the same deck though. We don't want to all fix the
same deck the same week.

    As far as Electric decks go, this pretty average. There's no real
stand out feature that makes it a unique deck. Of course
uniqueness isn't necessary for a good deck. Look at Haymaker
and Wigglytuff. They're nearly identical every time you see them
and they work just fine.
    So what would I do with this deck? Let's take a look at the

   This deck is suffering from an overwhelming weakness to
Fighting types. I know that there aren't a lot of Mono-Fighting
decks out there, but Hitmonchan is a perennial favorite and now
there's also the Team Rocket Hitmonchan which is even deadlier.
Electric decks will be crippled by these two since you can have
copies of both in the same deck.

  What do I suggest? Well for starters some fighting resistance is a
must. If you're gonna have Raichu in here, you need someone like
Scyther. Scyther will fit in nicely with this kind of deck.

   Secondly, I would advice against having more than one Evolution
in the same deck. There are too many super-quick archetypes out
there that will take advantage of your needing multiple evolutions.
You don't want to fuss around with Jolteons if you only have
Pikachus out. For this reason, I'd suggest that the Eevees and
Dark Jolteons make their way out. Dk. Jolteon has some nice
attacks, but the HP is way too low to be competitive. Nice art
though. :)

    To give yourself some early speed, Electabuzzes are needed.
They can easily paralyze and buy you time, which is important.
Plus they have great HP and cheap, cheap attacks. They are
excellent support for Raichu.

     Chansey is one of my fave POkemon, but he does NOT belong
here. The Fighting Weakness will not help you when you need a
good wall to protect Electabuzz and Raichu. Leave them out.

    The Magmars are a good addition. Quick, cheap attacks and a
secondary color for support will bolster your deck's versatility. Plus
they'll eliminate Scythers in a couple hits.

     Now let's examine the Trainers:

     They're mostly good. But those Energy Retrievals have gotta
go. Nightly Garbage Run will do most of the work in conjunction
with your card drawing Trainers. Plus you really shouldn't have to
sack more than you need to, especially with Computer Searches in
the deck.

     Also, those Defenders aren't worth the space they take up. You
need to focus upon the offense or you'll never get anywhere in the
current playing environment. Those who play defense get whupped.
It's been proven and until we start seeing some better defense
cards, it will stay that way.

    What you DO need is some Gusts of Wind. This card hes been
proven to work over and over again. I have explained myself
breathless in the past over why this card is so necessary. Just
trust me this time, you need it in multiples.

     There is also some room for a few additional Trainers. I'd
suggest a another Nightly Garbage Run and some Item Finders.
Some Scoop Ups would be advisable too. You've got a lot of
Basics going here. Why not protect them from doom with a
Scooping or two?

     Lastly, Energy. You have 24 Energy. This is slightly high for a
deck with a lot of Big Basic Pokemon. Magmar, Electabuzz and
Scyther don't require much. Raichu is a different story, but even
then his Agility attack is pretty reasonable.

     I'd go with the obligatory 4 Double Colorless Energy, 10
Lightning Energy and 6 Fire Energy. That should pretty well cover
your spread.

     Time for the ever popular revised Decklisting!

     3 Pikachus (I'd use the Jungle version, better HP, better
     2 Base Set Raichus
     4 Fossil Magmars
     3 Scythers
     3 Electabuzzes

     4 Bills
     3 Professor Oaks
     3 Computer Searches
     4 Gusts of Wind
     3 Nightly Garbage Runs
     4 PlusPowers
     2 Item Finders
     2 Scoop Ups

     4 Double Colorless Energy
     10 Electric Energy
     6 Fire Energy

     And voila there you are. This deck will be able to deal out plenty
of Status problems to avoid damage, such as Paralysis,
smokescreen, Agility and Poisoning. There's a plethora of
possibilities there. You should ahve no trouble really in being
overrun due to a major Weakness. Magmar and Scyther offer
excellent backup.

    I pronounce you cured. Please pay my secretary as you leave.
I'm gonna lie down and hope my aching stomach goes away now.

                Good Luck!!
           Dr. Crash Landon