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From: gilbert ramirez <elagente69@yahoo.com>
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2000 10:08:29 -0700 (PDT)

>Hey Aaron,
>     I was hoping you could help me w/ my deck. I have
>resources to many cards so getting any card isnt a
>problem for me. Thank you.
>The strategy is simple, beat down on your opponents w/
>Hitmonchan, Scyther, until I can get a fully powered
>Wigglytuff and a full bench. The only problem i think
>this deck has is not enough basics. I have only played
>w/ it once and it won.
>4 Wigglytuff
>4 Gigglypuff
>4 Scyther
>4 Hitmonchan
>4 DC Energy
>9 Fighting Energy
>9 Grass WEnergy
>2 Scoop Up
>2 Item Finder
>3 R. Sneak Attack
>3 Energy Removal
>2 Super Energy Removal
>2 Bill
>2 Oak
>4 Plus Power
>2 Gust of Wind
>                             -Gilbert "Gram" Ramirez
>                              elagente69@yahoo.com


This problem can be solved quite easily.  Gram is having difficulty making his Wiggly run smoothly.  Idealy Wiggly fills the bench as early as turn two so it can Do The Wave for as much damage as possible, the catch is Wiggly decks run very few Pokemon making it difficult to fill up the bench.  The important thing to remember in playing a Wiggly deck is that Wiggly is NOT the key card... Oak IS!

Oaking repeatedly is what allows you to easily fill up the bench, not to mention evolve Jiggly into Wiggly, find the DCE as well as a Plus Power and disruptive Trainers as well!  As a result, all successful Wiggly decks run 4 Oaks, 4 Bills, and 4 Computer Searches to consistently get the above cards needed.  This card drawing engine is essential to the success of this deck, try it out and soon your problems will be over!

Hope this helps... have fun!