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From: caranda <caranda@aicom.com>
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2000 15:30:09 -0700

>Hey Aaron hows it going in your garage?
>I just thought of this deck the night before the tourney and I arrived with
>this deck and played againts 8 players I went 2-6 because I couldn't Get the
>pokemon orginized and my trainers are screwed because there so many lass and
>do the wave or haymaker decks.I've been trying a deck with no chans and all
>those heaymaker pokemon so I hope this might be a challenge and I'm try to
>have the most of 10 rares.HAVE FUN    from Caranda@aic.com
>Vapor Attack:       Potion-4   
>Ekans(tr)4          Gust of Wind-2     
>Arbok(TR)4         Computer serch-2
>Pinsir(J)4         Bill-4
>Grimer(TR)4        Professor Oak-4
>Dark Muk(TR)4      Er-4
>                    S.E.R-4 
>20 grass  


This deck is very close to competing with Haymakers, just a few tweaks should help you improve your win-loss ratio.

Dark Muk is one of the few Evolutions that has a chance of going toe to toe with other Haymaker pokemon like Hitmo, Electabuzz, and Mewtwo.  An attack that essentially does 40 damage for only 2 energy can polish off opponents in a hurry.  To further improve you deck make this your only evolution line, and round out the deck with more Pokemon like either Scyther, Ditto, Chansey, ect.

You have the basics for good trainers as well... you've learned a most important lesson by maxing out on Oak and Bill.  Energy Removal is another good strategy, although 4 SER is a bit much.  Gust of Wind is an excellent tool for additional disruption, Rocket Sneak Attack and Lass also help disrupt your opponents plans.  Another thing to think about is Energy Protection, whether it be No Removal Gym, Energy Retrieval, Garbage Run, or just flat out more card drawing to draw into your energy faster.

Hope this helps... have fun!