Ok... Ive never built a winning grass deck and I want to try it, but theres
not that many strong grass pokemon other than scyther in my opinion So I end
up putting like 10 grass pokemon and then like 10 colorless and there pretty
much all evolutions. Grass to me is a weak type but I want to see if I can
find some hidden powers in it. Please help me!!!!!!!!!!

Pokemon 20
4x Chansey
4x Syther
3x Ditto
2x Kogas Pidgey
3x Chicorita (2 level 19 1 level 12)
2x Bayleef (1 level 22 1 level 39)
2x Meganium (Wild Growth)
Ok pokemon selection not so great but thats why im sending it to you. Kogas
pidgey is good because it can help me get a second turn meganium. I wanted to
put in heracross but he only has 60hp and im looking for a better pokemon.
Pinser might fit but im not sure.

Trainers 18
4x Gold Berry
4x Plus Power
2x Computer Search
2x Master Ball
2x Erika
2x Bill
2x Pokemon Breeder
Breeder is here to help speed the deck up some. Plus power for those bigger
pokemon then meganium or scyther. Erika and Bill so I can get my cards easier.

Energy 20
16x grass
4x Double Colorless.
I left two spots open for anything extra you might want to put in and take
out. Please restore my faith in all grass pokemon other than just Scyther.

Nicholas Valentine

Hey Nicholas, there's no need to fear, Underdog is here!!!


Meganium has definately breathed some life into grass. So much so I
considered a TON of diffrent pokemon to use in this deck. Both the Erika's
Victreebel and Erika's Vileplume lines were things I thought of. I thought of
Scyther, Rocket's Scyther, Dark Vileplume, Dark Muk, and Exeggutor (I thought
about this guy a LOT). I thought of Pinsir. This deck HAD to have Pinsir no
matter what. I thought of the free trainer search for 1 Grass energy that
Erika's Bulbasaur could provide. Man, my head was SPINNING with all the
possibilities here. I just couldn't decide which way was the best, so I
called on my buddy Kazer for some advice.

The first thing we decided was that it couldnt be an all fire weak deck. So
where did that leave us? We either needed Colorless Pokemon, or  the Psychic
weak line of Dark Muk to balance our terrible fire weakness. I really had
these wonderful visions of an Exeggutor with 4 grass energy on it  doing a
Sneasle like attack on the competition, but heck, you could just play a
Sneasel deck to get that attack. After some considerable reluctance, I
settled on Dark Muk as the pokemon of choice.

I decided this should be a turbo deck, with the idea of getting a Meganium
out on turn 2 whenerver possible, therefore I beefed up the line to 4
Chickorita, 1 Bayleaf, 3 Pokemon Breeders, and 3 Meganium. This should give
us an excelent chance of pulling this stunt off as often as possible.

The next thing I did was to break most of my normal rules of deckbuilding in
this environment. I chucked all of your remaining pokemon, meaning i took
Scyther out of a grass deck!!! Not only that, but by chucking the Ditto, I
broke my rule that all decks basically need Ditto, Sneasel, or Clefable right
now! Yes, all of the pokemon that I took out are decent or even good Pokemon
(yes, even the Pidgey), in fact, I have put all of them in at least one of my
deck fixes for pojo,  but I wanted to go in a mono Grass, quick hitting

Add 3 Grimer (wanted 4, but there just wasnt room) and 3 Dark Muk. Like i
said earlier, his Psychic weakness is a nice balance to the fire weakness of
most Grass Pokemon. Not only that, but to be able to Sludge Punch for 1
energy combined with his power of making retreat almost impossible means that
he usually kos 70HP pokemon in 2 hits. The 60HP is kind of a bummer, but it
IS worth the risk here.

Most DEFINATELY add 4 Pinsir to this deck. With Meganium out, he is basically
an Electabuzz with a permanent plus power!!! True he has 10 less HP, but he
wont flip tails on the big attack like Buzz can, and the retreat cost is only
one too. If you can get the Meganium out fast, he can clean up.

Lastly, add 3 Cleffa. Yeah, hes a 30HP weakling, but we are going to need his
drawing power vs all the trainer denial (Slowking and Dark Vileplume and
Chaos Gym) decks out there now. Plus, we can use him to mill through the deck
for evolutions and energies.


I could go through what I kept and why like I do a lot of the time, but the
changes here were severe enough, I'll just start from scratch.

Use 4 Professor Oak (drawing power for energy and evolutiions), 4 Computer
Searches (to find the basics/evolutions/oaks when we need them), 3 Pokemon
Breeder (needs no explanation), 3 Gust of Wind (to gust up people for Dark
Muk to hold/kill), 3 Nightly Garbage Run (we will need to get back energy and
evolutions in the deck), 3 Item Finders (shouldnt need explaining), 2 Eco
Gyms (Because we are running low energy and most of our pokemon only need 1
to attack its beter here than No Removal Gym), and 3 *surprise* Pokemon
Center. Yup, Pokemon Center. Why? Because most of out pokemon will have only
1 or at most 2 energy attached, it should work really good in this deck.


We no longer need DCE, so it is gone. Try going with 14 Grass Energy. It
looks low, but I think wiht each of them counting for 2, it should be just
barely enough.

At this point I thought of one particular deck that might pose a problem to
this deck. That would be the Mrukrow/Dark Vileplume decks. The idea of those
is to gust up a Cleffa, breeder a Dark Vileplume, and use Mean Look meaning
your are permanently stuck with a cleffa in the active position while your
opponents Murkrow keeps killing people on your bench. There is only one good
option I can think of for this. If you think there is any chance that you
might face one of these decks, you should pull the Dark Muk line and work in
the Erika's Victreebel line instead. That way you can use it's pokemon power
to lure up another pokemon allowing your cleffa to retreat. 3-3-2 would
probibly be acceptable here, so you would need to pull another 2 cards to
make room for it. (If you know your gona face a dark vile deck, you should
also use only 1-2 breeders and 2-3 bayleaf)



4 Pinsir
3 Grimer
3 Dark Muk
3 Cleffa
4 Chickorita (Lv19)
1 Bayleaf (prefer Lv39)
3 Meganium

3 Pokemon Center
3 Nightly Garbage Run
4 Computer Search
3 Item Finders
4 Professor Oak
3 Gust of Wind
3 Pokemon Breeder
2 Eco Gym

14 Grass Energy

I hope this helps. Thanks to Kazer for helping me with this, and thanks to
Nicholas for sending me this deck.