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Hello and good morning everyone. Well, the power's out. Again. *sigh*
Another rolling blackout, no doubt. Well, a deck mech's work is never done.
C'mon over here-no, here...just follow my voice-and we'll get to fixing your
deck. Where's my flashlight...?
Hi Satoshi!

My deck is in its age of change, (I made a haymaker a year ago and changed
like fifty times to make a Mewtwo deck.) and I just needed to know how to
make it PERFECT.  I've got a good reputation for being undefeated and all
that junk, so I need to you to keep that reputation for me.  Here's my deck,
I call it Silver Bullet:


    Energy (21):
                10 Psychic
                7 Lightning
                4 Double Colorless Energy

    Pokemon (15):
                4 Movie Promo Mewtwo
                2 Wigglytuff
                3 Electabuzz
                3 Scyther
                3 Jigglypuff

    Trainers (24):
                4 Prof. Oak
                3 Computer Search
                3 Item Finder
                3 Super Energy Removal
                2 Challenge
                4 Bill
                2 Gust Of Wind
                3 PlusPower

The deck's main strategy is to start out with Mewtwo and dish out 40 damage
on turn two.  And if one of the four Mewtwo doesn't appear, I'd hope for a
Jigglypuff.  If neither of them appear in the opening hand, there are still
two other solid basics to rely on. (Scyther and Buzz, that is.)

As far as Jiggly goes, he can hold his own.  He can do 20 or sleep- I never
bother with the Lullaby for being coin-flip reliant and all that.  But once
he's a 'Tuff, and with the aid of Search and Oak, he's a force near
unstoppable.  60 damage on turn two or three isn't uncommon.  But
I put him in here simply to maintain versatility and to back up Mewtwo.  He
just isn't as reliable as the greatest basic alive: Mewtwo

Just be sure to take in mind the pyramid of weaknesses.  Mew-2 is weak to
Psy, Wiggly's resistant to it.  Wiggly as well as Buzz are weak to Fighting,
Scyther's got 'em covered.  There really aren't Fire Pokemon fast enough to
beat Scyther down, so forget about it.

The Trainers in here are really basic, except for Challenge! which gives
Wiggly that Do-the-Wave advantage.  I figured that since Wiggly isn't the
main Pokemon, I didn't need to build any more of the deck around him- you
being the master that you are, it's your desicion whether to fix that part
or not.

Anyway, I hope you like the deck, and try to make it PERFECT if you can.
Well, here we go.

The Pokémon look good for the most part. However, let's remove the Scyther
for three Rocket's Zapdos. He has a resistance to fighting, so the
weak/resist pyramid is still in tact. Let's also remove the Jiggly and
Wiggly for four of the big guy-Sneasel. The best part of this card(besides
his free retreat and hard hitting Beat Up attack)is that you can still use
the trainers that helped to get Wiggly a full bench and have the possibility
of getting double the power. Save the last space for later.

Take out the Challenge! cards. Anyone who sees Sneasel out front is gonna
think twice about accepting-and with 4 Bill and 4 Oak, we've got enough
drawing as it is. Next, remove three Psychic Energy for a Resistance Gym and
2 Gold Berry to protect Rocket's Zapdos from his own attack-the ability to
deal 70 damage for LLLC and take no damage at all is a scary thing. Save the
last three spaces for later.

Finally, the Energy. As of right now, we have 7 Psychic Energy, 7 Electric
Energy, and 4 Double Colorless Energy. Remove the DCE for four Dark Energy
to power up Sneasel. Next, remove one MP Mewtwo and use it and the three
spaces from before to add in four Rainbow Energy just in case the Dark
Energy we've packed doesn't show up soon enough. That should do it! Here's
what we have now:

4 Sneasel
3 Mewtwo lv60
3 Rocket's Zapdos
3 Electabuzz
7 Psychic Energy
7 Electric Energy
4 Dark Energy
4 Rainbow Energy
4 Professor Oak
4 Bill
3 Computer Search
3 Itemfinder
3 Super Energy Removal
3 PlusPower
2 Gold Berry
2 Gust of Wind
1 Resistance Gym

There ya go. It may not be prefecrt, but I imagine it'll preform pretty good
nonetheless. Good luck and happy gaming!
Now where the heck is my flashlight? =/