*ding ding!*
Hello all. Let's see the deck.
I recently changed my deck after the release of the promo Entei cards.

Deck Name: Entei's Revenge

3 Entei
3 Hitmonchan
3 scyther
3 Electabuzz

Trainers: 27
3 Scoop up
2 item finder
3 comp. search
1 Lass
2 Energy retrieval
3 GoW
2 Pluspower
3 ER
2 Prof. Oak
3 Bill

Energy: 21
7 Fire
4 Lightning
4 Fighting
3 rainbow

the main goal is to attack quickly with Hitmonchan/Electabuzz/Scyther and
finish the opponent off with Entei.
Hmm. Okay, just some minor things to fix here.

The Pokémon need a bit of tweaking. Let's remove the Hitmonchan in favor of
three Rocket's Zapdos; Hitmonchan sort of met his end when Scyther appeared
and hasn't been used much since. In his place put 3 Rocket's Zapdos.

The Energy can now be fixed a bit. Take out the 4 Fighting Energy and pop in
three more Lightning Energy and one more Fire.

As for the Trainers....Remove the Energy Removal for two more Professor Oak
and a third PlusPower. Next, out comes 2 Energy Retrieval for two more
Nightly Garbage Run. After that, remove the Rainbow Energy for one more
Computer Search, another Itemfinder, and a third SER. Finally, nix one of
the Gust of Win(d) another Lass.

Hope this helps your deck! Good luck and happy gaming!