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Hi, my name is mark and I'm sending you my new deck.  I haven't play
tested it yet but i think it's pretty good.  It's based around the new
Neo pokemon, quagsire.  Since the tournaments i play in are full of
people who use Team Rocket Zapdos, I decided to make a deck around a
pokemon with electric resistance.  I chose Quagsire because he could
also do 60 damage with earthguake.  An earthquake with a plus power is
enough to knock out a TR zapdos in one shot.  Earthquake also deals
enough damage to knock a sneasel, another highly used pokemon, too.
Enough talk, here's the deck:

4 Wooper- have ot have for quagsire.  Slam is also a fairly good attack.
3 Quagsire- main pokemon in this deck.  Lighting resistance and a 60
damage attack make it great.
3 Hitmonchan- another great fighting pokemon.  good to use for quick
KO's while trying to get out a Quagsire.
2 Scyther- great against gligar, which is used.  Free retreat makes it
even better.
1 magmar(NEO)- just a great card.  great against scyther who is played
often.  His colorless attack makes it great in any deck playing in an
area with grass pokemon.
2 tauros-  good against MP mewtwo.

3 bill- just good
3 oak-see above
3 comp. search- get what you need, when you need it
3 potion- get rid of earthquake damage
3 gust of wind-  quick ko's
3 plus power- quick ko's
3 mr. fugi-  had some problems decking so i use this instead of scoop
up.  reshuffles DCE which help the deck a lot.
2 switch- pull back for mr. fugi
1 Nightly garbage run- helps not to deck
1 energy retrieval- get back lost energy

10 fighting
6 water

Well, that's my deck.  What do you think.  Make any changes for the
better.  thanx.




Heya Mark! Your deck looks decent, but let’s work on improving it =)



Trying to fight off Rocket’s Zapdos? Well, he does have resistance to Fighting… I wouldn’t recommend having Hitmonchan in there. His retreat cost is pretty hefty and could cause some problems for you if your opponent Gusts it in. Let’s put in 2 Gligar instead, his free retreat should help out better… and his Slash attack can be used with Colorless Energy. Since your Quagsire is weak to Grass, we’ll drop the Tauros and add in more Magmar in place of it to cover Quag’s weakness.



Potion is really outdated; replace those with Gold Berries instead. One Energy Retrieval isn’t necessary nor very helpful in this deck, drop that. Add an extra Professor Oak in its place. Remove the Mr. Fuji and Switches for 3 Scoop Up and 2 Nightly Garbage Runs. That should help prevent you from decking because of the Nightly Garbage Runs and be easier to save your Pokemon with Scoop Up. Let’s also add in 3 Item Finders to re-use those great trainers like Oak and Gold Berry.  Also, add in another Computer Search to make sure you have your Quagsire when you need him.



Dropped some Fighting Energy, it’s not as important now with Hitmonchan gone.


Your deck should look like this:


Pokemon - 14

4 Wooper

3 Quagsire

2 Scyther

2 Gligar

3 Magmar (Neo)


Trainers - 28

4 Professor Oak
3 Bill
3 Computer Search

3 Item Finder
3 Gold Berry
3 Gust of Wind
3 PlusPower
3 Scoop Up
3 Nightly Garbage Run

Energy – 18

4 Double Colorless Energy

6 Water Energy

7 Fighting Energy




Good luck Mark!! =)