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Thanks in advance for your time. I have a deck that has frustrated opponents terribly, and run them out of cards if they don't run out of pokemon first. Before I go any further, here is the deck:


Shutdown Stall


Pokemon (24)

3 Oddish (TR)

2 Dark Gloom

1 Dark Vileplume

3 Slowpoke (TR)

2 Dark Slowbro

2 Abra (TR)

1 Kadabra

1 Alakazam

1 Slowking

2 Snorlax

1 Chansey

1 Kangaskhan

1 Ditto

2 Mr. Mime

1 Movie Mewtwo


Trainers (7)

2 Nightly Garbage Run

1 Computer Search

1 Professor Elm

1 Pokemon Breeder

2 Chaos Gyms


Energy (30)

1 Recycle Energy

3 Double Colorless

12 Grass

13 Psychic


The purpose of the deck is to use Slowking, the Chaos Gym, and Dark Vileplume if necessary to shut down trainer usage, while using other Pokemon to make up for the loss of trainers through Pokemon Powers. Alakazam removes damage, while Chansey, Kasgaskhan, and Snorlax soak it up. Dark Slowbro retieves Pokemon, while Mewtwo soaks up energy from discards for heavy hits. Mr. Mime gives turns, Kangaskhan gives cards, and Snorlax works great active in combo with Dark Gloom. Recycle Energy pays retreat costs, and I simply let my opponent use trainers for me. If they can get past my Chaos Gym, Slowking can shut it down as well, giving my opponent only a 25% chance of using a trainer. If I can't get that combo going fast enough, I'll shut off trainers altogether with Dark Vileplume. Please let me know if I can make this any better than it already is. Thanks alot.


Sephiroth X





Hiya Sephiroth X! You do have nice ideas here, but you canít use everything together. Weíll need more consistence in the deck, so how about we focus more on Slowking and more trainers.



If you want to shut down your opponents trainers quickly weíll need to get a lot more Slowkings. Add 1 more Slowpoke and 2 more Slowkings to up the speed. If youíre going to use Slowking, we donít really need Dark Vileplume here so weíll drop that line. You want to focus on stalling, then weíll need more Alakazams and Chansey. Add 1 more Abra, 1 more Alakazam, and 2 more Chansey for that. For a solid attacker here, letís go with MP Mewtwo. Add in 2 more of him. You can drop everything else, they donít help the deck out too much and will give us some more Trainer space.



Adding more Slowking removes the need to have Chaos Gym, drop those. Adding 3 Professor Oak will help you get your evolutions out a lot quicker and yet itís not too much to defeat the stall purpose. Increase your Computer Searches to 4, that way you can grab your evolutions almost immediately. Add in 1 more Nightly Garbage Run, 3 Gold Berry, and 3 Item Finder to add to the stall tactic. Pokemon Center is a must in this deck. With Alakazamís Pokemon Power you can move all the damage to a big Chansey with no energy on it, then just Pokemon Center the damage away; add 3. One Pokemon Breeder wonít cut it here, add in 2 more Pokemon Breeders to evolve Abra into Alakazam as fast as possible. Having 1 Professor Elm is inconsistent and itís unlikely youíll draw that card when you need it, so remove it. To stop your opponent from building up threats like Sneasel or Slowking on their bench, put in 2 Gust of Wind. Finally, add 2 Super Energy Removals to add to your stalling further and to hurt Pokemon like Sneasel that canít recover their energy.



Dropped some Fighting Energy, itís not as important now with Hitmonchan gone.


Your deck should look like this:


Pokemon - 18

4 Slowpoke

3 Slowking

3 Abra

2 Alakazam

3 Chansey

3 MP Mewtwo


Trainers - 26

3 Professor Oak
4 Computer Search

3 Item Finder
3 Gold Berry
3 Nightly Garbage Run

3 Pokemon Center

3 Pokemon Breeder

2 Gust Of Wind

2 Super Energy Removal

Energy Ė 16

4 Double Colorless Energy

12 Psychic Energy




Good luck with it Sephiroth X!!