> Erick Pierce wrote:
> I have been working on this deck for a while, but I still cant
> get all the bugs out. This deck has two themes, one is energy removal
> and the other is poison. The deck works very well if it gets what it
> wants, don’t all decks though, but sometimes it doesnt
> get the pokèmon or the trainers. I would appreciate any help. Here we
> go:
> Can't Run
> 4 Fossil Grimmer
> 3 Dark Muck
> 4 Team Rocket Eevee
> 3 Dark Vaporeon
> 3 TR Psyduck
> 2 Fossil Golduck
> 2 Tangela
> 4 Energy Removal
> 4 Super Energy Removal
> 2 Sneak Attack
> 2 Nightly Garbage Run
> 2 Team Rocket’s Special Training Gym
> 11 Grass energy
> 11 Water energy
> 3 Recycle energy

Hello! Cool theme this deck has... lets make it more easy though..

Pokemon: 3 Evolution lines? X_X that is not gonna do well at all lets
add another pokemon that does auto poison and lets use blaine's
charmander as a energy removal pokemon. He works great with recycle
energy cos it doesnt say to discard fire cards it says discard an energy
card ^_^
Pokemon: 16
> 4 Fossil Grimmer
> 3 Dark Muk
> 1 Muk (tech just in case of pesky slowking) *only use him when needed*
> 3 Fossil Magmar (Good staller, fighter, etc.
> 2 Rocket Oddish ( 1 grass you pick sleep or poison)
> 3 Blaine's Charmander

Trainers: God you gotta be kidding me... no item finder? no OAK?!?!?

Trainers: 28
> 3 Professor Oak
> 2 Professor Elm (just in case you have a hand of er and ser that arent needed at the start of the game.)
> 4 Energy Removal
> 4 Super Energy Removal
> 3 Computer Search
> 4 Item Finder (
> 3 Nightly Garbage Run
> 2 Gust Of Wind
> 3 Narrow Gym

Energy: Well we tossed out water pokemon so i guess we need to add fire
and grass

Energy: 16
3 Recycle Energy
7 Grass Energy
6 Fire Energy

Hope this deck fix helps you out.. ER and SER are the best cards now
that sneasel is the biggest hitter in the pokemon game. Anyway that 1
muk is just in case they play slowking or Dark Vileplume to deny your ER
and SER dont put him down if you dont see a trainer denial deck so then
you can attack with dark muk and keep his pokemon power working while
hes out fighting. Good luck with this deck!