my deck is called  FIRE STORM

4moltres(rockes baby)
3electrode(blastiose kiler)

4energy retieval(to get back fire energy from ninetales fire blast)
4energy removal
2gambler(for long hard games)
4gust or wind


i think this deck is prerety good but i dont want to humilate myself in a
tournoment so tell me what you think.
Yeah, okay.  Hum.  I like the Ninetales, and you're using multiples!  You
wonderful person.  Honestly, though, I don't like Moltres.  Flipping to get
your attack to work is never wise.  I'd rather see fossil Mags in here, for
speed and reliability.  Sure, it's weak to water, but that's what the
lightning is for.

Hm... Electrode is powerful, yes, but Voltorb... *shudders*  And you have no
Buzz.  Come on now, you need Buzz.  He's kew.  Hm, personally I'd drop
Volty/Electrode AND Zapdos to make room for Buzz, Scyther (have I mentioned
him yet?) and trainers.  4 Buzz and 3 Scy leaves you 4 card slots for

Your trainers are the weak link here.  Your pokÚs were okay to begin with
(though I think they're better now), but your complete dearth of card
drawing leaves you much room for improvement.  With your 4 card slots, put
in 3 Bills and an Oak.  Drop an ERetrieval to make room for another Oak. 
Drop another Retrieval and an ERemoval for two SER.  If you often find
yourself with large hands late in the game, keep the Gamblers.  If not, drop
'em for something else (scoops, say).  I'm also not sure you need that
fourth GoW, you could probably drop it for something else (compsearch,
itemfinder, whatever you like).

Oh, I almost forgot DCE.  Hm, try to make some room for those, as you'll
need them with Scyther.

Good luck,

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