Lapras and Friends

1x lapras (confusion is awesome for stalling,I'm getting more to and replace
2x farfetch'd (resistance to hitmonchan)
3x kangaskhan
3x lickitung
3x dewgong
4x seel
2x gyrados
4x magicarp
3x super potion (keeps my staller alive)
2x prof. oak
3x bill
2x comp. search
1x pokémon trader (for now untill I get another gyrados)
3x double colorless energy
24x water energy

I use lickitung and lapras to stall while I use bill and computer search to
look for gyrados and dewgong and pump them up. Then when lickitung or lapras
is knocked out, I send out dewong or gyrados. Please help make it better so
I can win more badges at the Pokémon League. Thanks.
You're welcome.  Well, it's not bad.  Needs some help, though.  Try to get
another Gyar.  Sure replace fetch'd with Lapras.  Why not.  What the hell.

I prostrate myself now.  I humble myself before the God of Unholy Rites and
beg for the destruction of all Super-duper potions.  I fear, though, my
friends... for my hate builds -- and not even I can control mine ancient

Anyway, drop the damn super-duper potions already.  Jeez Louise.

Gil-Galad wast ein Elbenkönig

Um, where was I.  Oh yeah.  Too many Kangaskhans.  Trainers look pretty
good.  Traders are good.  Yeah, use 'em.  Um, that's about it.  Pretty
simple deck.

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