Hello Z--

First and foremost, congrats on being the new DedkMech on Pojo.  My name's
"Ronin", aka AMDB7 on Gooey.  I have seen you many times on Gooey and was
actually anxious to play you for some time, but you're always occupied.
Anywho, after losing repeatedly w/ my actual deck I have at home (a modified
Zap deck), I decided to create a brand new deck from scratch.  I was going
for "speed, adaptability, mobility, and fundamentally sound".  I looked at
all the elements and found 3 colors that fared well against everyone else
when used together:  Fire, Lightning, and Psychic.  These 3 elements
make one great combo.  From this I created FLiPsyde (FireLightningPsychic).
Low-cost retreats, gusts and switches at your disposal, and energy-efficient
attack/defense combos (i.e., Thundershock, Smokescreen).  4 PlusPowers
compliment this deck, turning it into a mini-haymaker.  So far, I've found
to be very effective--losing only once through a bad hand.  If and when you
have time, please assess my deck:  it's flaws, advantages (which decks will
fall easilly against mine), comparisons, key matchups and suggestions on
I can do to make this better.  Thank you so much for your time and



4x  Magmar
4x  Electrabuzz
4x  Mr. Mime

10x Fire Energy
10x Lightning Energy
10x Psychic Energy

2x  Professor Oak
4x  Bill
4x  PlusPower
4x  Super Potion
2x  Gust of Wind
2x  Switch
Pretty vanilla.  Woah, too much energy.  Pretty colours... reds and yellows
and purples... stop that.  Bad drugs.

Um, yes.  Well.  Magmars are Fossils?  Good good.  Um, more trainers.  Less
E.  Use ERetrieval if not enough E.  Super-duper Potion crappy.  Better
stuff: Scoop.  Mostly Scoop.  Here?  Yes, Scoop.

Need more Gust.  Maybe more Oak.  Your call.  Don't deck.  Bad.

Good job.  Boring.  Will win.  Yay.


(If you were able to read through all of that disgusting crap, I commend
you.  Sheesh, what a terrible fix.)
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