This is my deck, its pretty good, except when im
against people with water/psychic decks or just water
or psychic decks.Here goes:

2 Vulpix
1 Ninetales(for heavy damage)
2 Growlithe
1 Arcanine
1 Magmar

3 Machop
2 Machoke
1 Machamp
1 Hitmonchan (Im trying to get more)
2 Diglett
1 Dugtrio
2 Rhyhorn
1 Rhydon

1 Farfetch'd
1 Chansey

15 Fire
11 Fighting
1  Doubles Colourless

1 Gust Of Wind
2 Energy Removal
2 Bill
2 Switch
2 Potion
1 Scoop Up
1 Lass

This ^ is mucked up, what shall i do?

I know that I should add more Hitmonchans.
Ya' know what?  I'll say it.  Screw Machamp.  Screw him.  He's not worth the
effort, ya' know?  Drop the pansy.  Get more Hitmos, yeah.  Much faster. 
Ya' know what else?  Screw Diglett and Dugtrio and Rhyhorn and Rhydon. 
That's right, make them all go away.  Please, make them leave.  They're
scaring me.

Now: choose either Ninetales or Arcanine.  Not both.  ONE.  Okay?  Good. 
Then make that line 4/3, and stick with it.  Use fossil Mags and Hitmonchan
as basic support, maybe throw in Scyther as possible.  Lose Farfetch'd,
and... hm, change the Chansey into a Kangaskhan.

Okay, next up are trainers.  Um... you should put in Oaks.  Drop the Potions
for room.  Those switches can be exchanged for Scoops.  Oh, and get s'more
DCE.  That's all.

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