hi sup
here is my deck Toxic Trans: as u might have guessed it has venusaur and
4 bulba's
3 ivy's
2 venu's
4 nidoran
3 nido rino
2 nido king
3 scyther to add a wee bit of quikness
3 bil
1 oak
2 poke center
1 comp serch
2 traders
1 breeder
1 potion
1 s potion
26 grass energy
1 dbce

Thanks for the wonderfully detailed strategy.  That helped me out a bunch.

Now then... I think if you're going to run two stage 2 evolutions in the
same deck, you MUST use Breeders.  Raise your Breeder count to 4, and drop
to one each of Ivy and Nidorino.  This gives you an extra card slot in the

Add another Oak.  Drop Potion and Super-duper Potion.  Add a CompSearch and
an ItemFinder.  Drop 3 Grass E for 3 DCE.  That should be good.

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