>From: Final73654@aol.com
>To: Zach@pojo.com
>Subject: pokemon deck
>Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2000 20:24:12 EDT
>I have a good Stall Deck and I call it Zero Energy Damage Cushion. You
>get the point of what it does. Here it is:
>4 Ditto: really good basic that can copy HP and Pokémon powers
>4 Chansey: Highest Hp basic pokémon
>4 Mr.Mime: For his Pokémon power
>2 Articuno(Fossil){{{
>3 Zapdos   ( Base ) }:{{All High Hp, no weakness, Fighting resistant
>2 Moltres  (Fossil){{{
>2 Scyther  : Zero retreat, high HP, fighting resistance
>3 Abra: Its evolution
>2 Kadabra:  Its evolution
>1 Alakazam: Pokémon power
>Trainers: 34
>4 Defender
>4 Pokemon center
>4 Scoop up
>4 Switch
>4 Itemfinder
>4 Super Energy Removal
>4 Energy Removal
>3 Imposter Professor Oak
>3 Mr. Fuji
>please tell me how it is and give helpful suggestions.thanks
Hm!  A no-energy staller!  Haven't seen one of these in a little while. 
I'll see what I can do.

Hey, I'm going to do something unusual here!  Since Team Rocket comes out
this week, I'm going to suggest a TR card!  Woohoo!  *ahem*  Anyway, instead
of those Defenders try Night Garbage Retrieval(or whatever it's called). 
Very, very handy.  Gotta love it.

Now we want some CompSearches, since we already have NGR.  We can now
shamelessly discard 2 pokemon now to Search, and then NGR them right back
into your deck.  Beautiful.  So what shall we drop... oh, how about those
silly legendary birds?  Yeah, their retreat costs are too high to warrant
their use.  Stick with Scyther on this one, his HP are similar and his free
retreat is great.

So now we've opened up 7 cards slots.  Start by putting in those 4
CompSearches.  Add another Scyther, too.  Now we're gonna get down to the
nitty-gritty, though.

You need more Alakazam.  Period, end of story.  At least 3, you need.  Put
two more in.  Shoot, out of open card slots... okay, we'll drop Ditto. 
Copying powers is kinda useless, don't you agree?  Most of the best ones
deal with energy or damage; you have no energy (so those would be useless)
and to copy that power, the poké with that power has to be your opponent's
active.  I just don't think Ditto will be all that useful.

Okay, with 4 brand spankin' new card slots open we'll have some fun.  First:
add an Abra.  Second: drop both Kadabra.  We're at 5 open slots.  Now add 4
Breeders, to get your Alakazam up fast.  Oh, you had an extra card to begin
with... well, that last open slot will take care of that.

Okay, that should be good!  Muk decks will DESTROY you, so be careful. 
Aerodactyl decks will also kick your butt if you're not fast enough getting
that 'kazam out there.  Good luck.


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