>From: Agnes Tiu <Tiufamily@pacific.net.ph>
>To: Zach@pojo.com
>Subject: Destructive Colors
>Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2000 23:26:09 +0800
>Could you please help me a little bit with my deck??? I don't know if it
>is a very good deck but my friends said that it is a pretty average
>deck. Please rate it for me 1-10,  10 as the highest... I'll be waiting
>for the report you'll make about this deck. Here are my cards:
>16 Pokémon Cards
>3 Chansey
>1 Mr. Mime
>1 Kangaskhan
>2 Mewtwo
>4 Abra
>2 Kadabra
>3 Alakazam
>24 Trainer Cards
>3 Pokémon Breeder
>3 Computer Search
>2 Energy Removal
>1 Super Energy Removal
>3 Bill
>4 Gust of Wind
>2 Professor Oak
>3 Pokémon Center
>3 Switch
>20 Energy Cards
>16 Psychic Energy
>4 Double Colorless Energy
>The main idea is to get kangaskhan out at the early going and fetch
>while I have no energy yet. When it is warmed up, give the opponent a
>comet punch(it helps while the opponent is trying to start to evolve)
>Kangaskhan can give me a prize or two. Then Chansey's double edge +
>Alakazam's damage swap + Pokecenter = Good chance of winning. Please try
>to fix up my deck. TY
Eh, this ain't too bad.  I have a couple ideas, though.

First off, make sure those Mewtwos are the promo version.  Second, you're
running 2 Kadabras and 3 Breeders... that doesn't make sense.  It's your
only stage 2 evolution in the deck, so drop a Breeder for now.

I love energy removal, but I think you're spreading yourself too thin in
this deck by trying to include it.  Drop the 2 ER and the SER to make some
more room.  Now that we have 4 open card slots, we can start to add stuff...

Okay, put in another promo Mewtwo, two more psy E, and another Oak.  More
power, more E, more card drawing.  The end.


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