>From: Dero20@aol.com
>To: zluther@hotmail.com
>Subject: Playing With Fire
>Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 23:24:23 EST
>My deck is called "Playing With Fire". It usually does good in tournies,
>the new fossil Magmar has really helped it. However, sometimes the water
>cards give some trouble. Any idea on how to improve my deck?
>Basic Pokemon
>2 Magmar (Base Set)
>2 Magmar (Fossil Set)
>4 Charmander (Good attacker)
>3 Ponyta (Also good)
>3 Growlithe
>3 Jigglypuff (Good staller, OK attack)
>Stage 1
>3 Charmeleon (Very strong)
>2 Arcanine (Very powerful)
>2 Rapidash (Agility really helps)
>2 Wigglytuff (Do The Wave is good)
>20 Fire Energy (I think I need more)
>2 Double colorless (Help Wiggly/Pony)
>2 Mr. Fuji (Save Pokes, and return energy to my deck)
>2 Energy Retrieval (Fire discards a lot)
>2 Bill (To help get cards)
>2 Computer Search (Really good)
>2 Professor Oak (Good when you have a small hand)
>2 Gambler (No discard, unlike Oak)
>I try to use this deck at the start using Fossil Magmar/Jiggly to stall,
>Charmander to help fight, until I power up Growlithe and Charmander to
>Arcanine and Charmeleon. Base Magmar helps deal heavy damage. Rapidash
>stall with Agility. Wiggly helps over come my Water-weakness. Thanx, and I
>hope you can help my deck. Also, I have a few Charizard, but I don't use
>them, because I find Stage 2 evolutions to be slow, and 'Zard takes a while
>ot re-energize ( but should I add them anyways?).
This isn't bad at all, but you're a little heavy on the pokemon right now. 
Let's cut out a family or two, and clear up some room for more E and

Let's go for a speedier theme here, and drop the Growlithes/Arcanines. 
They're very good, but there's just not enough room.  Drop the two base
Magmars, and add a fossil Mag.  Hm... I'm tinkering with the idea of taking
out the Rapidash for a good basic, but heck, let's stick with Rapidash.  You
now have 6 open card slots, so add in 2 more DCE and 4 Fire E.

I like your trainers, but I'd like a little more room... this part is
totally up to you, but if you want more trainers you can drop Pony/Rapidash,
add 3 Scyther, and that'll give you two more card slots for trainers.  You
could do ItemFinders, or a couple Bills, or another Oak... you know what the
good trainers are.

Nice job here, and good luck.


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