>From: "Jacob Norris" <jgnorris@hotmail.com>
>To: zluther@hotmail.com
>Subject: Pokemon Deck
>Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999 13:14:48 PST
>Hey Z,
>This is the deck I like to call the Mind Vine.  The strategy is
>double-sided.  Get Pinsir, Tangela, or Nidoking out and use Poison and
>Paralysis attacks.  Then, this is the split, either switch to Mewtwo and
>company and stall so the poison can take its effect, or
>leave the heavy hitters in and finish up.  Well, here's the deck,
>Poke'mon x 19
>Grass x 8
>Nidoran Male x2
>Nidorino x 2
>Nidoking x 1
>Pinsir x 1
>Tangela x 2
>Psychic x 11
>Gastly x 2
>Haunter x 1
>Abra x 3
>Kadabra x 2
>Mewtwo x 1
>Jynx x 2
>Trainers x 11
>Revive x 1
>SER x 1
>ER x 3
>Switch x 2
>Poke'mon Trader x 1
>Defender x 3
>Energy x 30
>Psychic x 17
>Grass x 12
>DCE x 1
Alrighty, we can do something nifty here... lemme see.  First off, drop the
Abra/Kadabra line, and replace with 3 movie promo Mewtwo.  Hm, also drop the
base M2.  Also drop Gastly and Haunter for now, since the base set versions
suck.  *grin*

Okay, that opened up 6 card slots.  With these, add two Nidoran(M) and 2
Nidoking.  Drop the Nidorinos, so we still have 4 open card slots.  Drop the
Tangelas, and add 3 Scyther and a Pinsir (or two, if you like).  Okay, still
2 card slots open!  Hm... throw in two more DCE, right now.  Up the DCE to 4
by dropping a Psy energy.

Ew!  These trainers are kinda stinky!  Um, let's take out the garbage...
Revive?  Gone.  Defender?  Gone.  With these four newly opened card slots,
add 4 Breeders.  Now drop 3 Psy E for 3 Oaks.  Hm... drop another 3 Psy for
3 GoW.  Y'know, you can probably drop Jynx altogether!  Hm... yeah, just use
Mewtwo L60 as your psychic powahouse.  He's so fast!  That also has the
nifty benefit of opening up 2 card slots.

With those slots, let's add another 2 Traders.  What remains is dropping
your excessive energy for other good trainers, like Bill, CompSearch, and
ItemFinder.  If you can find the room, another SER wouldn't hurt either. 
I'd suggest having something like this on the E: 4 DCE, 8 Psy, 10 Grass.  If
you find during play-testing that you need more Grass, then drop something
for that.

Best of luck to you!


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