I'll be pretty busy this week; I'm off school, but I'm going to Washington DC. I'll try to get some fixes in, though. Or maybe Kabuto can take over... Actually, he could probably use something to do- he drank a little too much pop and ate a little too much candy on Easter, and it's starting to show. He's twitching a lot and he's been playing Nintendo for several hours without sleep... Of course, he brought in some chickens, ducks, and other livestock to enhnace the festivities yesterday. It looks like a state fair in here, and I'm not going to be the one cleaning it up...
this deack is called the WALA WALA GREEN BANG
3 dbl collorles
18 grass

trainers (13)

super potion 1
gow 2
pkmn breader 2
energy retrival 2
prof oak 1
potion 3
gambeler 2

pokemon (26)

bulbasaur 2
ivysaur 2
venusar 1
nidoran female 1
nidorena  1
nidoqueen 1
nidoran male 2
scyther 1
caterpie 1
metapod 1
butterfree 1
exeggcute 2
exeggecutor 2
weedle 1
beedrill 1
porygon 1
oddish 2
gloom 1
vielplume 2                   
the purpous of this deck is to poisin,parilise or remove damage un till veanusar or vialplume or scyther are powered up
note:my coin only has gotten tailes 71 out of 425 times that i used at the pokemon leauge i think the luck is because my great grandpa gave it to my as he died
please! fix my deck i sent a deck close to the same one as badboy4 18 & was never replied to


This one came dangerously close to being given to Kabuto. However, since the request seemed genuine and didn't have 5 colors, I figured I'd just try to fix it. Way too many families, way too many singles, and you're at 61 cards. I'm also kind of confused as to how you could say you got 71 tails out of 425 coinflips. As well as the question of how it could have been that far from the odds, I also wonder: did you keep track on a piece of paper, or what? But, I'll do my best with it.


Aaahh! Fi-five Stage 2's? Maybe I should've bashed this. From the spelling and punctuation, I'm guessing this is from a younger player, though, so I'll be lenient. Let's start with the most logical route- the drops. If you want Stage 2's, you're gonna want to take it down to the best ones. Let's drop the Vileplume; Heal isn't really good enough to stick a Stage 2 in, and it's attack confuses itself. The Butterfree can go, they're just not strong enough for a Stage 2. 40 damage and healing is nice, but it takes four Energy. Whirlwind is a fairly weak attack, too. The Nidoqueen family is also not too worthwhile because of the Stage 2 evolution. The attacks are good, but more the kind you'd want in a Stage 1. And without Nidoking, Boyfriends will always do 20. Porygon is just useless, and Nidoran Male without Nidorino or Nidoking isn't too helpful.

That frees up some much needed space. Let's use the first of it to balance the remaining families. Add two Bulbasaur, one Venusaur, three Weedle, and one Beedrill. Since you've got two Stage 2 families (which I normally don't like, but I'll go with it since Venusaur can function as a utility), Let's just drop the Ivysaur and go with four Breeders. Add one Exeggcute and one Scyther.


The problem here is the singles and lack of card drawing, as well as the use of some ineffective Trainers. Let's start by removing those. Gambler is good if you have a two headed coin or your grandpa's luck, but I find them too unreliable. Take those out, as well as the Potions and Super Potions, which seldom really do enough good to help much. We can use the space to add four of the almighty Bill and another of the good doctor, Professor Oak. I have a problem with Breeders, in that I get the Breeder and a Professor oak, but not the Stage 2 I need. With Stage 1s you don't have this problem; just evolve and then Oak for the Stage 2. Since you have Breeders, though, let's toss in a couple Itemfinder. With Venusaur controlling the Energy, and the fairly cheap costs of Grass Pok閙on, as well as the fairly heavy card drawing, let's drop the Energy Retrievals and add three Energy Removal and one more Super Energy Removal.


Add one Double Colorless to finish it up. Here's the deck:
Pok閙on (19)
4 Bulbasaur
2 Venusaur
2 Scyther
3 Exeggcute
2 Exeggutor
4 Weedle
2 Beedrill

Trainers (19)
2 Gust of Wind
4 Pkmn Breeder
4 Bill
2 Prof. Oak
2 Super Energy Removal
3 Energy Removal
2 Itemfinder

Energy (22)
4 Double Colorless 
18 Grass
If you find yourself low on Energy, you might play around with the Pok閙on/Energy or Trainer/Energy ratios. Other than that, and the fact that the evolution is a bit heavy, it should work fairly well. A whole lot better than before, at least. Good luck!
~ Souper ~