Well, the empty house next door has finally been sold. The new neighbors came over and said what I guess was "hi". However, they're from some South American country and don't speak English too well. They did bring a gift, a large wooden statue that appears to be some sort of idol. It's colorful and makes an interesting decoration in the sanctuary. I think it's a likeness of their god. Last night they were playing some twangy tribal-sounding music outside, and it kept me up. Kabuto seems to like them, though, and is currently trying to make the room look like a South American jungle... Somehow he managed to get some exotic and expensive looking plants and animals, though I didn't ask about them. Some things are better left unsaid, and I think this might be one of them, judging by the looks of the men who brought them in. But, let's take a look at your deck. Step into the deckology lab, the only place where we can get some privacy. Watch out for the parrot, he doesn't like strangers.
                                           Meditate      Blast

                                            By:  Chris Howard

Pokemon   (16)

4xFossil Gastly
3xFossil Haunter

Trainers (22)

2xComputer Search
2xEnergy Retrival
1xItem Finder
2xPokemon Trader
3xEnergy Removal
2xSuper Energy Removal

Energy  (22)

22xPsychic energies
The idea of this deck is to stall with the Mr.Mimes or the fight-resistant ghost. Then, get our the duo of Gengars to pile on damage on the Pokemon to have either Jynx's or Mr.Mime's meditate. If your opponent tries to heal themselves with potions use Curse and pile even more damage on them. The Energy Removals and Super Energy Removals help to set back your opponent and plus, with fossil Gastly, you can get back all that energy easily. My record is 28-0 with this deck. I can add the Movie Mewtwos if I have to. See ya!


I like this deck a lot, and it's actually pretty well built. I'd like to make room for some Scythers, their fast damage and free retreat followed by meditate makes a nice combo. The Movie Mewtwo is nice too, though. And, you're very low on card drawing. Need's some bills... I'd make just a couple changes, so this'll be a quick fix.


Like I said, I think some Scythers would work here, or the Movie Mewtwo. I'll leave that up to you, both would work well. Let's take out one Jynx and one Mr. Mime and add two Scyther or Mewtwo. Actually, that's all I'd do here. Let's move on...


The only real problem I saw here was the Potions, which I would take out. That, and the lack of Bill and Professor Oak. Let's add three Bill and two Prof. Oak. To get back to 60 and finish it, drop the Item Finder and one Com. Search.


I'd normally say it's just a tad low, but the Retrievals take care of that. Let's just leave it as it is. Here's the finished deck:
Pokemon (16)
4 Fossil Gastly
3 Fossil Haunter
2 Gengar
3 Mr.Mime
3 Jynx
2 Scyther (or Mewtwo)

Trainers (22)
4 PlusPower
1 Computer Search
2 Energy Retrival
2 Pokemon Trader
3 Energy Removal
2 Super Energy Removal
3 Bill
2 Prof. Oak

Energy (22)
22 Psychic energies
It sounds like you did well before, so if this doesn't work you could go back to your old deck. It's not really that much different anyway, though. Now, I'd better go and make sure I haven't been relieved of too many of my valuables... Good luck!

~ Souper ~