Dear Souper,
Here is my interesting deck.The idea is simple you will have the ability to use haymaker style with Lapras,Big hits with Gyarados,or Energy Removal with Poliwrath.I am writing to ask you a few important factors 1.Should I take out the breeders 2.Should I add more Gust of Wind and Switches.Please help/correct any other problems you see.
4 Poliwag
3 Poliwhirl*
3 Poliwrath*?
3 Magikarp*
3 Gyarados
4 Lapras

3 Computer Search*?
2 Pokemon Breeder*?
1 Full Heal
3 Professor Oak*?
1 Gust of Wind
1 Switch
1 Super Potion
1 Potion
4 Bill
1 Pokemon Trader*?
2 Energy Search

20 Water Energy
1 Full Heal Energy*?
* = Thats all I have of those, but can get more
*? = Thats all I have of those, and not sure if I can get more

Thanks for your help!


Interesting idea, a non-Raindance Water deck. My first impression was the heavy Grass weakness, maybe you should make some changes to get around that. Trainers need a little work too, there's a lot of singles in there. Some Scyther might help too, and you've got 61 cards.


Like I said before, you're pretty weak to Grass. You have a couple options: you could take out the Gyarados for Dewgong, or take out the Poliwrath for Golduck. If you did that, you'd probably have room for another family... Let's take out the Poliwrath family and add a 4/3 Golduck family and three Scyther. Since the King of Karp is so weak, let's keep the Gyarados family 3/3.


The first drops are the Breeders, Potion, Super Potion, and Full Heal. I also have a problem with the Energy Search, it isn't logical. In a mono deck, you're just gonna pull a Water Energy, except for maybe that one Heal Energy. You've used two cards to get one Energy, which is less efficient than just having another Water Energy. Drop those as well.
Heavy card drawing can be good, but you have to be careful about decking out. Let's drop a Com. Search and a Prof. Oak. Add one Gust of Wind and one Switch to finish the Trainers.


Add four water energy and three Double Colorless for the Scyther. I don't think the Full Heal Energy is necessary either, since you've got Switches. Take that out, and let's take a look...
Pokemon (20)
4 Psyduck
3 Golduck
3 Scyther
3 Magikarp
3 Gyarados
4 Lapras

Trainers (13)
2 Computer Search
2 Professor Oak
2 Gust of Wind
2 Switch
4 Bill
1 Pokemon Trader

Energy (27)
24 Water
3 Double Colorless

I flip-flopped the families a bit and added some more focus the Trainers by getting rid of
some of the less useful ones.  The extra Energy should help against Removals too.  Good 

~ Souper ~