dear Souper,

i was thinking one day when i was on Pojo- Why doesn't anyone make a fire- Fighting deck??

I sat down to do it, But i do have a limited supply of cards (seriously)

so here is my idea.

1x Arcanine
2x Growlithe
2x Charmeleon
3x Charmander
2x Ponyta
(i would use Rapidash if I had one, or Vulpix & Ninetails)
1x Sandslash
2x Sandshrew
1x Hitmonchan
4x Machop
2x Farfetch'd

  Trainers:11 (yes their somewhat limited too)
1x Item Finder
2x Gust of Wind
1x Plus Power
3x Energy Removal
2x Bill
2x Prof. Oak

14x Fighting
15x Fire
I probably have way to much energy, but i don't have lots of trainers to

add instead ( i got a lot of trainers that aren't worth a lot in a good game (potions etc.))

My basic strategy is to beat the opponent with the quick hitting fighting pokemon while i build fire on my bench. then i could gust out the opponents basics for quick kills. I also have no pokemon powers at work here so Muk decks don't stop anything. And the only real threat i could think of would be Areodactyl decks


Fighting has taken a big hit recently, which is why you don't see as many Hitmonchans around. Also, Hitmonchan is one of the very few good Fighting Pok閙on there are. However, I'll try to fix the deck and stick to the types. I'll try to keep the limited card stock in mind too, though it'll probably hinder the quality of the deck.


Let's start by dropping the Ponyta. I think their HP is just too low to have them in there without Rapidash. You can use those two spaces (hopefully) to add another Growlithe and Arcanine. I'm not sure what cards you have and don't, so I'll try to keep it mostly diamonds and commons and assume you can trade for the ones you don't have, since they're not too hard to come by.

The Fighting half is kind of weak here. If it were up to me, I'd just have four Hitmonchans and nothing else, but you probably don't have that many. Let's say two Hitmonchans and three Machop, or if you can't get another 'Chan, go with one 'Chan and four 'Chop. The more Hitmonchan, the better. Farfetch'd can stay, assuming he's filling in for Scyther.


Pluspower and Energy Removal work best in bulk, and Fire and Fighting deal good damage anyway, so drop the Pluspower. Add another Removal, and if you can, a Super or two. If not, add two Energy Retrieval instead. Add two more Bills for card drawing.


Just drop two of each, and add three Double Colorless for the Charmeleon, Farfetch'd, and retreat purposes. I suppose if those cannot be aquired, throw in another Gust of Wind and a couple Switch. That should finish it up, let's take a look...
Pok閙on (17)
2 Arcanine
3 Growlithe
2 Charmeleon
3 Charmander
2 Hitmonchan (Opt. 1 Hitmonchan,
3 Machop                4 Machop)
2 Farfetch'd

Trainers (15)
1 Item Finder
2 Gust of Wind
4 Energy Removal
2 Super Energy Removal (Opt. Energy Retrieval)
4 Bill
2 Prof. Oak

Energy (28)
12 Fighting
13 Fire
3 Double Colorless
It's not perfect, since some of the diamonds have better rare options. If you do have these, by all means use them. Good luck!
~ Souper ~