*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: *whew* Well, I finally turned myself back into a human...and had a
little talk to Crash about making sure he knows how to USE that magic book
before he uses it again...but anyway, it's just a normal day here at the
shop. We just got our first stock of TR boosters, and they're looking great
on their display. Heh...my stock boy has even thought up a great publicity
act...he's ouside right now...yes, that's him. In the Team Rocket uniform,
with my Wheezing...cool, huh? And that thing beside him is an ice sculpture
of James I have on loan from the Poke-Smithsonian. And it's working.
Business is booming. Anywho, I've got Blastoise manning the counter, so
let's get to the deck.
Dear Satoshi,

  I have been playing for about 4 months and i finally figured out a deck.
I call my deck Tidal Wave because its a water deck. Here is my deck:

3x Poliwag
2x Poliwhirl
4x Squirtle
3x Wartortle
2x Blastoise
3x Krabby
2x Kingler

2x Energy Removal
2x Potion
4x Gust of Winds
2x Switch

2x DCE
29x Water

Thank you i appreciate it if you look over my deck and revise it somehow.
Thank you for your time.
SATOSHI: Hmmm...pretty nice...still, there is work to be done.
Okay, the pokemon look oaky, but they need tweaking. First, I notice that we
have two stage two families. This can be worked, but I think we'd be better
of using the space from one of the families for other pokemon. Since this
has potential to be an Energy Denial deck, let's remove the Blastoise
family. Now, with those 9 spaces, add one Poliwag three Poliwrath, making
the Poliwag/Poliwrath family 4/2/3. Now, we have five spaces left, so add in
one Professor Oak and four Pokemon Breeder to help get Poliwrath out faster.
Also, remove the Krabby/Kingler line for 3 Psyduck and 2 Golduck.
Krabby/Kingler is good, but not that good. Also, Golduck has the powerful
Hyper Beam, which helps to stick with the Energy Denial theme. Now, we've
just about used up all the pokemon, so let's move onto the trainers.
Okay, we added the four Pokemon Breeder to help the Poliwrath family;
Poliwhirl is a decent fighter on his own(with a few lucky flips could take
down the "almighty" Charizard)but his dependence on coin flips is also his
downside. Take out the Switch and Gust of Wind for two Professor Oak, one
Energy Removal, and three Super Energy Removal, to help with the Energy
Denial theme. Take out the potions altogether, as they could be replaced
with something better. In their places, add in two Bill. Onto the energy.
Okay, 29 Water Energy + 2 DCE=31 cards, over half of your deck. This is way
too much. Remove 9 water energy for 3 Dratini, 2 Dragonair, 2 Bill, and 2
DCE. Okay, we are looking better, so let's take a look at the finished
20 Water Energy

4 Poliwag
2 Poliwhirl
3 Poliwrath
3 Psyduck
2 Golduck
3 Dratini
2 Dragonair

3 Energy Removal
3 Super Energy Removal
4 Bill
3 Professor Oak
4 Pokemon Breeder

There ya go...came out pretty good, eh? ;)

SATOSHI: Well, there you have it. Now, let's ring you up and--uh oh...hold
on a second...<<heard from outside>>..Wheezing, what happened?--Oh. Uh-huh,
yeah...got it<<back inside, carrying pokeball>> It seems that my stock boy
tried to call Wheezing back into its pokeball, but accidentally hit the ice
sculpture. The capture beam bounced off of the glass and--well, one guess
who it hit. I got to find a way to get him outta there...Good Luck and Happy
Gaming, everyone!!