*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Well, welcome back to the shop. Well, Satoshi's Shop finally has a
Twisted Challenge Five!! Thanks to my pal Salom for the great idea! Let's
have a hand for Salom, eh?*applause* BTW, if any of you pojoheads out there
have a Twisted Challenge idea, send it my way, via Satoshi@pojo.com. I could
really use 'em!! Anywho, onto TC#5.

This Twisted Challenge auctually involes the other mechs as well. The decks
this time must be centered around a deck mechanic's pokemon mascot. I.E.
Spike has Vulpix, Crash has Hypno and Goldeen, PokeLady had Psyduck, Souper
has Kabuto, and I have Blastoise.(NO RAINDANCE DECKS PLEASE. That would be
way too easy. Just don't gear your deck on powering up other pokemon with
the raindance pokemon power. If you used raindance to power up Poliwrath,
Golduck, etc. and made a Energy Denial deck, that'd be okay. I don't wnat to
see 4 Squirtle, 4 Bastoise, 4 Articuno, 4 Lapras, 4 Pokemon  Breeder, etc.)
In fact, you could even go into the inactive mechs and use CJ's Raichu(now,
you all remember Sparks, don't you?). Anyway, there 'tis. Good luck, all.

SATOSHI: Now, remeber when I said these would be open for a week? And
remember how I kind of failed to follow through on that? Yeah, I thought you
would. Well, this time I am serious. Today is Wednesday, April 19, 2000.
Since this will not be posted for a few days, I'll let this one have a few
more days. This TC will close on Monday, May 1, 2000. The next TC will be
opened on that day, and so on. Guess that's all for now. Good Luck and Happy
Gaming, everyone!!