*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Grrr...hello there, everyone. Excuse my temper. My shop's computer
just crashed...I just lost ALL of the store's stock files....I gotta figure
out why...and how to get it back. But, for now, I have a deck to do. May I
see it?
Yo wassup Satoshi! I was wondering if you could help me with my deck here.
So here it goes............

NAME OF DECK: Dark Mind Dummy Disaster


4 Fossil Gastly
1 Fossil Haunter
2 Basic Haunter
3 Drowzee
2 Hypno
2 Gengar
2 Promo Mewtwo


2 Spearow
1 Fearow
2 Farfetch'd


2 Super Energy removal
1 Super Potion
2 Recycle
2 Switch
2 Gust Of Wind
1 Computer Search
2 Bill
2 Professor Oak


2 Double Colorless
23 Psychic Energy
SATOSHI: Okey dokey...let's see what we can do, okay?
Hmm...this deck is called "Dark Mind Dummy Disaster," so let's focus on
Gengar, THE dark mind master, and his sidekick, Hypno. First, change those
basic haunter into fossil haunter. He's just too risky to use. Now, remove
the farfetch'd for another gengar. We'll want to get him out ASAP. Now, the
pokemon look okay, so let's move onto the trainers.
The life and soul of every deck...the trainers. Take out the Recycle for two
Pokemon Breeder. Fossil Haunter is okay, but not great. We'll want to get to
Gengar as soon as possible. Now, remove the Super Potion for another Pokemon
Breeder. Remove the Spearow for two Pokemon Breeder. Since we do not have
Spearow anymore, remove the Fearow. In their places, add two Computer
Search. Remove the DCE for two more Bill, and We're all set.
Energy is fine. Good job.
Ohh...ghosts...scary... ;)

SATOSHI: Well, there ya go. Come to the counter, and I'll ring you up. Here
we--hhubbawa? M-my computer? It's back on!! Wierd..must've been a
power--hmm..wait. There's something here on the screen. What's that say?


SATOSHI: Umm...okay, I think this is beyond my control. I'm just gonna go
over here...by the phone..you can leave now...*tick tick tap*..hello,
S.E.T.I.(Search for Extra Terrestial<sp?> Intelligence)? We've got a little
situation here....