*ding ding!*
Satoshi looks up from his work at the counter. "Can I help-" He stops in
mid sentence as he recongnizes the black uniforms that the three men are
wearing. "No...Team Rocket!!" He gasps.
"TO pretect the world from devestation, To unite all people within our
nation," The men bellow. One of them steps forward, and speaks.
"That's right, Satoshi. TEAM ROCKET has invaded the shop, and that's
right it's me, Jon, again! And I am proud to announce that I have joined
Team Rocket! Maybe they can help my unruly Alakazam....But I know
you can help my new psy deck...." With that, he hands Satoshi a note. It

3xMr. mime- great stall
4xMovie Mewtwo- in my opinion THE BEST CARD
4xLickitung- Tonge wrap + 90hp= STALL!!!!!!
3xJiggly puff-Good'n cute
3xWigglytuff-Do I have to explain??!!

2xProfessor Oak-Dump-draw 'nuff said
3xSwitch-Gotta love 'em
3xSER-In the words of Mr Burns " exxxxxxalent"
4xER-good but not exxxxxxxxalent
4xBill-MUST HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4xGOW-It's good to pick off the weak ones

3xDCE-Did I mention Wiggly!!!!????
20x psy- It's like bloooooooooooood

The men tie Satoshi to a chair as he questions Jon. "Why are you doing
this?" He asks.
Jon replies, "Because...we want to take over the shop!! Then, whenever a
trainer comes in with a deck for you to fix, we'll take it! Haha!" The other
two men join Jon in a chorous of evil laughter. Jon continues. "Now," he
gestures to the deck no displayed on Satoshi's computer monitor. "Fix!!"
Satoshi takes a deep breath, and does what the men say. "Okay, the first
thing I notice is that your strategy seems to be stall until you get either
Wigglytuff or Mewtwo out. Correct?" Jon nods, and Satoshi sees the other two
men carrying his pokeballs. Satoshi sighs inwardly. 'So much for that
plan..' he thinks. "Anyway, I would take out a Gust Of Wind for another
Jigglypuff. There's nothing wrong with four Gusts, but you'd be better off
with four Jigglypuff and three Gusts. I also see the Likitung to
stall...Frankly, Chansey would be better. Think about it. 120 hp. A
barrier-like attack for two colorless energy. Take out the regular Energy
Removal for another Super Energy Removal and three Chanseys. They will not
only help you stall, but you'll have more basic pokemon for Wigglytuff's 'Do
The Wave' attack."
Jon turns his back for a minute, to talk with one of the other men. Satoshi
looks around desperately. 'This can't happen...' he thinks to himself.
'Blastoise and the others..captured. No cell phone, so I can't call
Morpheous for help...' Satoshi's eyes drift over to the Digimon display.
'That's IT!!' he thinks. Satoshi begins to focus his energy, and stops
struggling agaisnt the ropes that bind him to the chair. As soon as he does
this, a stopwatch-like device on the counter begins to chirp quietly.
Jon turns back to Satoshi. "Anything else?" He asks gruffly.
Satoshi begins to speak again. 'Gotta keep him busy...for just a while
longer...' "Yes. Take out a Switch for another DCE. This'll help power up
Wigglytuff faster. That should do it for your deck."
Jon grins evily. "Thanks," he sneers. "Now we wait for your next customer.
Hope he has some good cards...heh, heh, heh."
Satoshi decides that enough is enough. He hopes he has enough energy as he
says, "I don't think so."
Jon turns to him. "WHAT? Did you just mouth off to Team Rocket?"
Satoshi grins, then nods. "You bet. You may have my pokemon, but you under
estimate me. I still have a tirck up my selve. A very LARGE trick." Turning
his head toward the stock room, Satoshi screams. "NOW!!!"
In an instant, a small, beetle-shaped creature jumps from the back room. To
Team Rocket's surprise, it begins to grow...and SPEAK.
"Tentomon..." It says in a nasal voice. "Digivolve to...."
The creature transforms into a MUCH LARGER, mutated beetle-like creature.
"KA-BU-TARIMON!!!" It shrieks.
Satoshi laughs as Kabutarimon carefully unties him. He walks over to the
counter, and pushes a hidden button. The roof of the shop slides open like
an observatory. "Gentelmen..this is Kabutarimon. The champion form of
Tentomon. See, I knew, or thought I knew, I was sunk once you took my
pokemon. Then I remembered ol' Tentomon here. He digivolved into
Kabutarimon, and he will now show you out." Turning to the large Creature,
he says, "Do it."
With that, Kabutarimon grabs the three men, and flies out of the shop,
dropping Satoshi's pokeballs at his feet.
Once out side. Kabutarimon sets the three men onto the street, and perpares
to punish them. "You made Satoshi mad...and when he's mad...I'M MAD!!!" He
begins to flap his wings even harder, and a crackling ball of electrictiy
forms in front of him.
With a mighty cry, Kabutarimon hurls the electirc ball at Team Rocket.
"ELECTRO SHOCKER!!!" He screams.
Team Rocket is instantly thrown into the air, black as a crisp.
"Looks like Team Rocket is blasting of again...."
With a sigh, Kabutarimon turns back into Tentomon. 'Being a champion
Digimon is hard work,' It thinks, as it flies back into the shop.