*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Welcome to the shop. Excuse the mess. Those Team Rocket members
really messed up the store before Kabutarimon gave 'em the heave-ho; my
stock boy should be cleaning it up soon. The deck, puh-lease?
Hi my names Ben my deck could use a littel spruceing up ok I have
    2 squrtile
    1 wartortle
    1 blastiose
    1 horsea
    1 seadra
    1 magikarp
    1 gyrados
    1 poliwag
    1 poliwirle
    1 poliwrath
    1 articuno
    1 krabby
    1 kinglar
    1 eevee
    1 vaporeon
    1 seal
    1 dewgong
    1 lapras

    1 abra
    1 kadabra
    1 alakazam
    1 ghastly
    1 fossil haunter
    1 fossil gengar
    1 mr.mime
    1 mewtwo
    1 movie promo mewtwo
    2 mew
    1 slowpoke
    1 drowzee
    1 fossil hypno

    4 super potions

    11 water energy
    13 phsicic energy
     1 double colorless energy

         My strategy is to send out all water pokemon and stall then wait
until I get some psychic energy and pokemon and then send them out and
whoop some poke tush!!!!!
SATOSHI:...Oh, boy. We need some work, desperately.
Okay, you have 33 pokemon in here...and 63 cards...that is bad. Really BAD.
For starters, we'll remove drowzee, the base mewtwo, and hypno so we have 60
cards. Now, since we've got 30 pokemon, I'm gonna take this one type at a
---Water Pokemon---
We're starting with water. Take out horsea, seadra, magikarp, and gyarados
and add in two more squirtle, another wartortle, and another blastoise.
Remove the poliwrath family for another blastoise and two pokemon breeder.
Now, remove the seel and eevee families ffor two more pokemon breeder. Take
out krabby and kingler for another lapras and articuno. There. That's shaped
up the water portion, so let's move onto the psychic families. We may add
more to the water though, so stay alert.
---Psychic Pokemon---
Onto the psychic pokemon. Remove the alakazam family. Save those three
spaces for later. Take out the mew and slowpoke. In their place, add two
more movie mewtwo. Save the last space. Remove the gastly family for a
second mr. mime. Save the last space. Now that we're done with the pokemon,
let's move onto the trainers.
Okay, we have 5 spaces to work with. First, take out the super potion. Now,
we have nine spaces. Add in 3 bill, two professor oaks, two computer
searches, and two energy retrievals, and we're done.
Take out the double colorless energy for another water energy, and we're
Here it is:
12 water energy
13 psychic energy

4 squirtle
2 wartortle
3 blastoise
3 articuno
3 lapras
3 mewtwo(movie promo)
2 mr.mime

4 pokemon breeder
3 bill
2 professor oak
2 computer search
2 energy retrieval

Well, we fixed it. Nice, huh?

SATOSHI: Well, that's all for now. My stock boy almost has the mess cleaned
up, so let's go ring you up on the register. Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!