*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Oh, hello. Welcome to the shop. *cough, cough* Sorry 'bout the
sawdust. We're still remodeling, and after the electrical accident, I'm
going to make sure that all the wires are where they shuld be. And hanging
from the ceiling is NOT where they should be. Anyway, while I cut away at
this wall, let's get your deck to the bench over there, and you can tell me
what's wrong.
HELP!  I brought this deck to a local tourney and did miserably.  Hopefully
you will be able to fix this deck. (perhaps you could also find a better
name for it)  Here it is:

Weedle x4
Kakuna x3
Beedrill x2
Nidoran(M) x4
Nidorino x3
Nidoking x2
Koffing x4
Dratini x4
Dragonair x3

Bill x3
Energy Removal x3
Prof. Oak x3
Comp. Search x3

Grass x19

As you may have guessed, the whole stragedy of the deck is to poison the
opponent's pokémon, then sit back and relax.  I have the Dratini family in
there for some heavy backup, in case something goes wrong (i.e. psychic
SATOSHI: Uh-huh...*cough* Well, I can see one problem already. Let's get to
Okay, your strategy involves poinsoning the opponent. All of the pokemon fit
the theme well...except for the dratini family. "In case.." is never a good
excuse to put in an entire family. Take them out, and put in 4 pokemon
breeder for those beedrill and nidokings. Now, since we have breeders, take
out one kakuna and nidorino for another beedrill and nidoking. Also, add in
three DCE for later...now, the koffing a re great, but they are a little too
slow for my liking, and, as you said, psychic pokemon are a hazard. So,
remove him for a fourth DCE and three scythers. These guys take time too,
granted, but once powered up, almost nothing can stop them. Anyway, the
pokemon are all looking good, so onto the trainers.
Now, we have little to work with here. I will however, remove the energy
removal for another bill  and two gust of wind. Also, remove one professor
oak for a third gust. In a deck like this, two oaks will be enough. Now,
onto the energy.
Okay, 19 grass energy should be enough. And the 4 DCE can work for scyther,
nidking, and beedrill. Let's take a look at the finished product.
19 grass energy

3 scyther
4 weedle
2 kakuna
3 beedrill
4 nidoran(male)
2 nidorino
3 nidoking

4 bill
2 professor oak
3 gust of wind
3 computer search

Well, there it is. Poinsoning is always a great ally, and I'm sure scyther
will serve you well.

SATOSHI: *cough* Okay, I'm almost through this wall...there. Hmm. That's
wierd. looks like the wires were nibled on...maybe that's why they were
jarred loose...wonder what--Huh? Ike?! Hey, look! It's Ike, Crash's
mouse-friend, from next door! Well, we'd better get you back to Crash,
little guy. Well, I guess we're done here. I'll ring you up, and then we'll
take Ike back to Crash's place. Hope we can get 'em past his
secretary....Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!