*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Y'ello!*cough, cough* Watch out, you'll wanna duck your head
there...low hanging wires....Anyway, I think you've noticed that we're still
remodeling the shop. However, this will not keep me from my job. The deck,
|Whirlpoll Deck|

Hey Satoshi,this deck never lost and ive been using it for like 4 weeks,(no
it hasn`t been used in any turney)
still,I think it needs some fixing.E-mail me at Vahn000@aol.com


Water Energy x11
Fighting Energy x11
Leaf Energy x1
DCE x1

Poliwrath x1 (The "Charizard Killer" Removes Energy While Doing 80 HP to it)
Clefairy x1 (The "Powerful Pokemon Killer")
Hitmochan x1 (The altime need in a good deck)
Machop x3
Machoke x2
Scyther x1 (Another need in a good deck)
Doduo x1 (Just to get Dodrio)
Dodrio x1 (Pay 1 less energy to retreat Pokemon)
Magmar x2 (not SO MUCH of a need but good agaist Grass Decks)
Poliwag x3 (All worth it to get Poliwrath)
Poliwhirl x2 (Fairly good.Can hold out until I get Poliwrath)
Farfetch`d x1 (Extreamly good in any deck)

Potion x3 (Something happens,its always there)
Energy Removal x2 (To make Charizard lovers cry)
Super Energy Removal x1 (Same as above,but better)
PlusPower x3 (To make those extra Hit Points hurt)
Pokemon Breeder x1 (Just in case Poliwhirl doesn`t survive)
Clefairy Doll (When I need to stall for a turn)
Professor Oak x1 (Just In case I dont get what I want)
Gust of Wind x1(Something to strong? No prblem)
Switch x1(Dodrio cant handle it all the time)
Pokemon Trader (If I need those other Pokemon)
Bill (Extra cards dont hurt)
Pokemon Center (Just in case)
Energy Retrieval x1 (If i gotta use pokemon Center,
I might need the extra energy)

Stradegy: Most of the people I play use fire decks
With some Charizard in them
(and so did I but thats another story)
So I decided to make a deck that will tottaly
anihalate those decks (specially the Charizards)
Also Kick most collorless pokemons buts all the way to
the discard pile.So if my friends get out lets say
a Charizard with 4 fire energies (im being VERY sarcastic)
and I got a Poliwrath with 4 water energies I use
whirlpool and cause 80 damage (not to mesione when I use
PlusPower) And Charizard losses an energy.Or I use Clefairy
To sing Char` to sleep then I metronome its Fire Spin
and plain out kill it in 2 moves.
SATOSHI: Okay, needs work. Lemme get these wires out of the way and we'll go
over to the work bench...*bzzz* Yeeoouuuch!! Lousy wires...good fer
nothin'...oh, yeah. The deck.
Umm...could you explain how you power those magamr without fire energy? DEC
counts as two COLORLESS ENERGY, not two energy of any color. Anyway, they
are outta there. Add in two more hitmonchan. Now, with farfetch'd and
scyther...there are basically the same card. Take out the duck(farfetch'd)
in favor of another bug(scyther). Remove the doduo/dodrio family for a third
scyther and a second poliwrath. Now, take out the entire machop family for
another poliwag and a third poliwrath. Save the three remaining spaces for
later. On to the trainers.
Okay, you have alot of "just in case" trainer cards. NOT GOOD. Take out the
following: 3 potion, 1 pokemon trader, 1 clefariy doll, 1 switch 1 energy
retrieval, 3 pluspower, 1 pokemon center. Now, counting the three spaces
from before, we have 14 spaces. Add in three more pokemon breeder, three
more bill, two more professor oak, two more gust of wind, and two more super
energy removal. Now, save the last two spaces. We ain't done yet, partner.
Okey dokey, we have a grand total of 11 water energy, 11 fighting energy, 1
leaf energy, and 1 DCE. We have three spaces now, so add in three more DCE.
Now, remove the leaf energy and one fighting energy and add in two more
water energy. There. energy is done. Now, let's take a looksee, shall we?
13 water energy
10 fighting energy

4 poliwag
2 poliwhirl
3 poliwrath
3 scyther
3 hitmonchan

4 pokemon breeder
4 bill
2 professor oak
3 gust of wind
3 super energy removal
2 energy removal

SATOSHI: Well, we did it. We fixed this deck up. A word of advice: NEVER
EVER have singles of more than two cards in your deck. The single cards run
the chance of ending up in your prizes, and that's not good. Anyway, we
fixed it up.
Well, let's get back to the front counter, so we can ring you up. I think
your total will be somewhere around *bzzat!* Arrrgghhh! Yeouch! That is IT!
These wires are coming out!! Where are my pilers? Aha! Now, careful, careful
*snip* There, now that one-*snip*-huh? Oh, great. That one wire just
happened to control the lights. Well, let's hope the power company can fix
this. Until then, Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!