*ding! ding!*
SATOSHI: Oh, hello! I see you've found our new service bell. Welcome to
Satoshi's Shop. You'll have to excuse the mess...those blad dudes that Dr.
Crash sent over here left the place in shambles. I finally convinced them to
leave, via a $150.00 check made out in Spike's name...heh heh... and am just
now getting around to fixing this place up. Anyway, let's see the deck, eh?
Hey Satoshi,
    I have been having some problems with my deck.  Some serious problems.
Some really- -oh, you get my point. I have been trying to figure out how to
make room for some Plus Power, but I don't know what to take out.  Wait I
ahead of myself- -here's the deck:

Pokemon (14)
3x Movie Promo Mewtwo
4x Electabuzz
3x Scyther
1x Jigglypuff
1x Fossil Gastly
2x Aerodactyl

Trainers (24)
4x Bill
2x Professor Oak
2x Switch
1x Pokemon Trader
2x Item Finder
1x Scoop Up
3x Energy Removal
2x Super Energy Removal
2x Computer Search
2x Gust of Wind
3x Mysterious Fossil

Energy (22)
10x Psychic Energy
9x Electric Energy
3x Double Colorless Energy
    My strategy is to get Aerodactyl out as soon as possible so I can beat
on the opponents low HP basics.
    My strategy doesn't work some times and I get screwed over-so in other
words "Help me Obi-Wan Satoshi, your my only hope."
SATOSHI: Heh. Cool. He called me Obi-Wan. Anyway, the deck fix.
Okay, I can see some space already for those pluspowers. Remove the
jigglypuff and gastly for two pluspower. The pokemon already looked great
when you sent this to me, so let's go on to the traiers.
Okay, more space coming up. My attention is drawn to the lone pokemon
trader. Out with him. Make it go 'way. Add in a third pluspower in that
space. Now, remove the energy removal for your fourth pluspower, another
super energy removal, and a tenth electric energy. There. Onto the energy.
Energy looks fine. We sorta fixed it along the way.
Well, we didn't really do anything major. This deck came in great; I just
fixed up the rough edges. Good work.

SATOSHI: Well, that's all for now!! I gotta go back to fixing up the command
room in the back. Do you by any chance know where I could get a beltsander
and a V8 engine?