SATOSHI: I don't care what you say, that spoon really IS there!! Put it back
on the display table--no, don't bend it!! Stop!! Oh, hi. Heheheh. Didn't see
you come in. Sorry 'bout the yelling. My stock boy, who, I would say, has
the I.Q. of a rock(I won't say that, however, as I do not want to insult the
rock), has been watching the matrix over in the DVD department of the shop.
We have this new machine that loads 5-6 DVDs at a time, and then picks one
at random and plays it. Well, the machine must be broken, as it has been
playing The Matrix ALL DAY. My stock boy yas been watching it while setting
up the display for Pokemon: The First Movie, and thus believes has
discovered how deep the "rabbit hole" really goes...*sigh*...well, onto the
Psychic Blow Deck

17 Psychic

4 Abra
2 Kadabra
3 Alakazam
2 Mew
3 Lickitung
2 Chansey (I'm still trying to get more!)
3 Mr. Mime (Maybe a few more...)
2 Movie Promo Mewtwo

Total: 21 Pokemon

3 Pokemon Breeder
2 Computer Search
3 Pokemon Center
3 Switch
2 Energy Retrievals
2 Pokemon Traders
4 Scoop Ups

Total: 19 Trainers

The Strategy is to basically stall (duh!! :-D) but to take out some of the
strong Pokemon in the process. Haymaker Decks are anihallated with Kadabras,
and Mews. Blastoise decks weep at the sight of Mr. Mime. Wigglytuff Decks
easily stalled with Mimes and Alakazam's Power and any of those Energy
Removal Decks are in for a surprise. The trainers are basically for stalling
and Mew is for De-evolution Beam to surprise the Opponent by de-evolving
their Pokemon to death and Lickitung is a quick substitute or Chanseys until
I get more. Please Help me out!!

-Tech Zoon
SATOSHI: old school stall deck....sweet...oh, and look, it's an
archtype. I like archtypes. :) For some reason, some narrow-minded people
think they should be banned. My best guess is that these are the people that
lose to archtypes. Enough of me. I'll get off of my soap box now, and we'll
get ot the deck.
Okey dokey, the pokemon need very little help. Like you said, I would get
rid of the likitung for two more chansey. With the last space, add in a
fourth DCE for the chansey. Now, the other pokes look good. Really good. I
will, however, remove a psy energy for a fourth alakazam. We'll fix the
breeder ratio later. I'm also noticing the mr. mime. This guy is great when
paired with alakzam's pokemon power. Anything that does more than 20 damage
is blocked, and any damage that mr. mime does recivev can be swapped off.
Hehehe. Great combo there. Watch the nidokings, though. Onto the trainers.
Okay, right off, I ask: Why the energy retrieval? With 17, you should have
no problems. In any other deck, 17 would be a little low, but this looks
like a stall deck, spo you should be fine. Anyway, drop the energy
retrievals. In their place, add a fourth pokemon breeder and a fourth
pokemon center. Everything else looks okay. Onto the energy.
Energy is fine. 17 looks good, and four DCE is as good as we can get. Great
Well, all I really did was tweak it a little bit. It came in as a great
deck, and I really didn't do anything big. Great job!!!!

SATOSHI: Well, that's all for now. If you'll excuse me, my stock boy has an
electircal chord plugged into the wall, and as we speak, is trying to find
the plug in the back of his head. Oy. I gotta go stop him from frying
himself. Why? I really don't know. Good Luck and Happy Gaming, everyone!!!