SATOSHI: Okay, here's is another story fix. Enjoy!!!

The silence of the convention center parking lot is shattered as a
loud buzzing can be heard from inside a payphone. Satoshi walks out of the
booth, and heads toward the large building.
Once inside the warm convention center, Satoshi removes his dark
sunglasses and takes a look around.  Deserted, wierd.... he thinks
abstractly. Hearing voices from around a corner, Satoshi starts to stride
into the room, only to be stopped by a snoddy desk clerk. "Do you have a
reservation?" He asks, eying Satoshi's black clothes curiously.
Satoshi grins evily. "Yes...I do." With that, he pulls a thin metal
cylinder from his trenchcoat. Aiming it carefully at the clerk, he hits a
round red button on the 'back' of the mysterious device, not before putting
his sunglasses back on.
A flash lights the room, and the clerk is suddenly in a daze. "I was
never here." Satoshi says. The clerk nods distractedly, and Satoshi ambles
into the reception hall.
Inside the room, Satoshi finds exactly what he thought he would--the
Pojo Deck Mech 2000 Convention. Smiling, he sees all of the other mechanics
are here. Spike and Vulpix over by the buffet table...PokeLady and
Psyduck...Griffin, Kittyfox, Aaron, Souper, Z, Dux and El Ravenger.  He
spots Crash arguing with his waked out secretary. "No! It's VALET parking!!
Not BALLET!! That man does NOT need a tutu!!" Noticing Satoshi, Crash
motions for him to come over.
"Still doesn't understand valet parking, huh?" Satoshi asks.
"No." Crash sighs.
Just then, Satoshi's cell phone rings. "Talk." he says into it. This
is the reply:
Hi Satoshi!

Here's my deck

4 scyther
2 bulbasaur
2 ivysaur
2 venusaur

15 grass energy

3 squirtle
3 wartortle
3 blastoise

18 water energy


My strategy is to bring out scyther and other grass pokemon while I pump up
my blastoise on my bench. Blastoise is my main attacker.

I was thinking recently if I should take out several grass energy and the
whole venusaur line and put in 2 pincir, 2 ditto, and some additional
The problem is that I have already 52 cards and without
trainers......PLEASE HELP ME.

Thanks for listening.
Satoshi says goodbye to Crash, and goes back into the lobby. He
looks at the deck that is now on the screen of his cell.
"Okay, I think we may need to drop a color. Balstoise and Venusaur
are both BIG energy eaters, and we can't have both in one deck. Well, we
could, but It would be pretty tough. Anyway, I'll drop the Blastoise.
Venusaur is fun to work with, and his grass buddies are a bash too. Anyway,
with the blastoise family and the water energy gone, and the 8 spaces from
the get-go, we have 35 open spaces. Great. Now, let's expand on the Venusaur
family. Make it a 4-3-4, using 5 of our 35 spaces, taking us down to 30. Put
in 4 pokemon breeder, making it 26 spaces now. Add in 7 grass energy and 4
doubler colorless energy, to get rid of any energy problems. Now we have 15
spaces. You may question this, but add in three chansey. Your venusaur is a
stage two, and will take a long time to get out. Chansey can help stall and
buy some time. We have 12 spaces left now. Let's start on the trainers. We
already have 4 pokemon breeder, so let's add in 3 pokemon center. Can you
just see transfering all your energy to a health pokemon and then using
pokemon center? Automatic healing, no drawbacks!!! 9 spaces left. Add in
three bill for drawing power. Now, add in three computer search, another
bill and two professor oak, and we're all set. The computer search can help
to get those venusaur into play. And we'll nedd those venusaur to make this
deck work. Anyway, let's look at the deck." Satoshi now keys in the new deck
via his cell phone.

22 grass energy

4 bulbasaur
3 ivysaur
4 venusaur
4 scyther
3 chansey

4 pokemon breeder
3 pokemon center
3 computer search 
4 bill
2 professor oak
The caller thanks him, and hangs up
Satoshi nods, and heads back towards the reception room. He is met
by three men in dark suits, sunglasses, and earpieces. They turn to him, and
Satoshi's eyes widen in fear. "No..." He runs down the other hall, all the
while dialing a number on his phone.
Someone picks up on the other end. "Operator." the voice says.
"I need an exit, NOW!!" Satoshi screams.
"Okay..." there is a sound of typing on the other side of the line.
"Right there! The pay phone ahead of you!"
Satoshi dives for the payphone, just as the three dark suited men
round the corner.
The men reach the payphone, and look around, confused. All that is
in the hallway is the payphone, which is off the hook, and a pair of dark
Crash, still in the convention, hangs a payphone up in confusion.
"Stupid thing is busted. When you pick it up, ya a bunch of computer
gibberish..." He looks up, and around the room. "Anyone seen Satoshi?"

SATOSHI: Now, here's the question: Was that more of a spoof of Men In Black,
The Matrix, or was it both? You decide. Good Luck and Happy Gaming,