Dear Pokémon Lady,
Please help my deck. It's a pretty good deck but it lost in a tourney lately and I need your suggestions on how the deck can improve. The strategy is to do fast, quick damage with your pokemon. Machop and Jynx are great damage dealers, Mr. Mime keeps big pokemon at bay, Jigglypuff and Rattata help get around resistance, and Aerodactyl keeps big, strong pokemon from coming out. I like to send someone out like Rattata or Machop first, to do 20 damage quickly. Jynx is an awesome pokemon once its fully powered up, and Mew can devolve Pokemon, and once Aerodactyl's out, keep them devolved. Any help would be appreciated. I am a 12 year old from Indiana.
Ry, the Pokefreak

 3 Rattata
4 Machop
2 Jigglypuff
4 Jynx
2 Mr. Mime
2 Aerodactyl
1 Ditto
2 Farfetch’d
1 Mew

11 Fighting Energy
10 Psychic Energy

2 Mysterious Fossil
3 Potion
2 Super Potion
4 Bill
3 Gust of Wind
1 Pokedex
2 Energy Removal
1 Defender
  1> Make sure you have at least 2 of anything when you first build your deck.

** How this affects you**
You didn't metnion Ditto in your strategy, but I like the little mushy Pokemon. Also, I like Mew, but since you need to make a choice, I suggest you do this. Take out the Machops in favor for Hitmonchan. 2 Hitmonchan can do and take the damage of 4 Machops. Now, remove 1 Jynx. Three should do you fine. Finally, add a Ditto and a Mew to bring them up to 2 each.

2> Make sure you have 4/3 or 3/2 evolutions of families with stage I evolutions.

** How this affects you**
I would like you to remove the 2 Jigglypuffs that you have in your deck, since you have no Wigglytuffs to back them up, I suggest you instead put in 2 Ratticate. Ratticate is still small enough to fit your "little people" theme, but he has an attack that makes him worthy enough to be in there.

3> Make sure you have 4/3/2 or 3/2/2 evolutions of families with stage II evolutions

** How this affects you**

 4> Start out with the following set of basic trainers:
2 Professor Oak, 3 Bill, 2 CPU Search, 2 Item Finder, 3 Gust of WInd, 3 Switch, 2 Pokemon Trader, and 2 Scoop Up or Mr. Fuji

** How this affects you**
Add 2 Professor Oak. Remove 1 Bill. Add 2 CPU Search, 3 Switch, 2 Pokemon Trader, and 2 Mr. Fuji, and 2 item finders. Now, Remove the Defender and Pokedex, as they aren't particularly good for this type of deck.

5> Make sure you have 60 cards

We have a particular problem now, as is the case with many expert level decks, the difficult point is pulling out cards to bring it down to 60 cards. Fossil has to stay in to have Aerodactyl. If you pull out Aerodactyl you'll open up 4 slots, but you said you wanted to keep Aerodactyl, so why don't you start by pulling the Super Potion, and the energy Removals to start off with. Now, I like the old Onion Slapper, but pull the Farfetch'd. You've got Rattata and Ratticate. Drop your Fighting energy down to 10 and you're golden.

Your New Deck:

Pokemon: 18
3 Rattata, 2 Ratticate, 2 Hitmonchan, 3 Jynx,
2 Mr. Mime, 2 Aerodactyl, 2 Ditto, 2 Mew

Trainers: 22
2 Mysterious Fossil, 3 Potion, 3 Bill,
3 Gust of Wind, 2 CPU search, 2 Pokemon Trader,
2 Professor Oak, 2 Item Finder, 3 Switch

Energy: 20
10 Fighting, 10 Psychic
Total: 60 Cards