Subj: Need help on deck
Date: 3/1/00 9:46:05 PM Central Standard Time
To: LadysDeckFixes

Hi I was wondering if you could fix up my deck for me. I think it is pretty good but not good enough, so that's why I'm sending it to you. Thanks for the help. Tell anything you think that's wrong with this deck.

 Ace Electric Forces
2>Pikachu (Jungle)
1>Raichu (base)

2>Myst. Fossil
2>Pokemon Trader
1>Scoop up
2> Pokemon center
2>Professor Oak
3>Energy Retrieval
1>Super Energy Removal
4>Gust of wind
2>Super Potion

 1> Make sure you have at least 2 of anything when you first build your deck.
** How this affects you**
You have 1 Aerodactyl, 1 Ditto, 1 Dodrio, 1 Jolteon, and 1 Raichu. Dodrio doesn't really help this deck very much--as the retreat costs are already low. So pull Doduo and Dodrio. You have 1 Aerodactyl. Only 1 Aerodactyl won't help you much, so pull the Aerodactyl. Now, add 1 Ditto, 1 Jolteon, and 1 Raichu to make them 2. Also, you only have 1 Scoop Up and 1 Super Energy Removal. Remove the SER to add a ScoopUp.
2> Make sure you have 4/3 or 3/2 evolutions of families with stage I evolutions.
** How this affects you**
You need to add a Pikachu and an Eevee to bring your evolutions up to 3/2.
3> Make sure you have 4/3/2 or 3/2/2 evolutions of families with stage II evolutions
** How this affects you**
4> Start out with the following set of basic trainers:
2 Professor Oak, 3 Bill, 2 CPU Search, 2 Item Finder, 3 Gust of WInd, 3 Switch, 2 Pokemon Trader, and 2 Scoop Up or Mr. Fuji

** How this affects you**
Remove the Mysterious Fossil (as you no longer have Aerodactyl.) Trader and Scoop Up are fine, as is Oak. Your other choices for trainers seem to be ok.
5> If you have colourless Pokemon in your deck, or Pokemon whose attacks have colourless attacks, put in at least 2 DCE if not more.
** How this affects you**
Add 1 Electric energy. You could use DCE in your deck. I suggest you add 4.

 Your New Deck, after this quick fix, looks like this:

Pokemon: 15
3 Pikachu, 2 Raichu, 3 Electabuzz, 3 Evee, 2 Jolteon, 2 Ditto

Trainers: 25
2 Pokemon Trader, 2 Scoop Up, 2 Pokemon Center, 2 Professor Oak, 3 Energy Retrieval, 4 Bill, 4 Gust of Wind, 4 Potion, 2 Super Potion

Energy: 20
16 Electric, 4 DCE
Card Total = 60