Sun, 2 Apr 2000 5:10:51 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: "Chris" <>
To: <>

Hi my name is Chris. I am 12 and have read many of your fixed decks and they all look turnament winning.
I have won 2 turnaments in a row and don't want to lose my winning streak. I would be playing the same deck but I never play the same one because then people will build a counter deck to mine and use it only against me (we are
allowed to switch decks between plays). Do you have any suggestions to help my deck?

I play by getting a pokemon that dishs out a lot oif damage realy fast like haymaker, but all so have pycickc restince, and fighting for the colorless.

  Unnamed Deck


2 tauros
2 wigglytuff
3 jigglypuff
3 ditto
1 farfech
1 scyther
3 electrabuzz
3 hitmonchan
1 hitmonlee


1 Gust Of Wind
1 power plus
1 lass
2 scoop up
2 night time garbage retrivel (take 3 cards from your discard pile and
shuffle them into your deck)
3 bill
1 oak
3 energy removal
2 super energy removal
1 item finder
1 computer search
1 gambler


12 fighting
6 electric
4 double colorless

In Honor of Team Rocket being released this month, I will start taking decks with Rocket cards in them. Be warned though, the translations on the cards that you're using now will probably be different than the translations on the cards you get with Rocket.

Now, onto the fix.

You've backed yourself into a bit of a corner with 1 Fetch'd, 1 Scyther, and 1 Lee. You've also got singles of GOW, Plus Power, Lass, Oak, Item Finder, CPU Search and Gambler. Is this because you just don't have more, or didn't have room?

Cut Hitmonlee, and pull the Tauros from your deck. That opens up 3 spaces that you can use to add a Farfetch'd and a Scyther.

Now, for the trainers, drop the Super energy removals to add a GOW and an Oak. Now, you've only got singles of Plus Power and Lass, and only singles of Item Finder and CPU Search. I want you to pull the Plus Power and to add a CPU Search. You can also pull the Item Finders because of the Nighttime Garbage Retrieval, since it's free why don't you go ahead and add 1 more. Add a Lass. All I've done here is even out the trainers so that you have at least 2 of each one (except Gambler) Add a Gambler. If you find that your trainers need to be reworked, then by all means go with what you discover through playtesting and work with your deck.  Hmm. Seems we are short a few cards... like 4. Add a Jigglypuff and a Wigglytuff, and 2 Pokemon Traders. Your deck looks like this at this point:

4 Jigglypuff, 3 Wigglytuff, 2 Farfetch'd, 2 Scyther, 3 Electabuzz, 2 Hitmonchan.

2 Gust of Wind, 2 Lass, 2 Scoop Up, 3 Nighttime Garbage Retrieval, 3 Bill, 2 Professor Oak, 3 Energy Removal, 2 CPU Search, 2 Gambler, 2 Pokemon Trader

12 Fighting, 6 Electric, 4 DCE

Final words of wisdom: This deck isn't too much different thatn the deck you origionally started out with, just some minor changes. I strenghtened the Wigglytuff/Jigglypuff line and trainers. Play this deck a bunch and let me know if it works for you or not.