Subj: Let Me See That pokemon
Date:Tue, 4 Apr 2000 11:57:26 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From:JDog thePI

Hi Im Josten im 11 and I live in Washington. This is my Promo Mewtwo
deck I call.... Let Mewtwo see that Pokemon.

I take the advantage of Promo
Mewtwos Energy Absorbtion. I try to get Computer Search or Item finder and
use 2 psy energies to pay the cost then search for a psy enrgy and use Energy

Energy x20
x3 Double Colorless Energy
x17 Psychic Energy

Pokemon x12
x4 Promo Mewtwo
x4 Gastly
x4 Scyther

Trainers x26
x3 Pro. Oak
x4 Bill
x4 Energy Removal
x4 Super Energy Removal
x2 Computer Search
x2 Item Finder
x3 Gust of Wind
x2 Switch
x4 Plus Power

 Hi Josten. You've got the makings for a nasty deck here =)

Good job on its construction. Essentially your deck has everything needed to be a tournament quality deck.

You didn't state whether the Gastlies were Fossil or Base.
~ If they are base, I suggest you remove them in favor of 2 Fossil Gastly and 2 Mr. Mime.

~ If they are Fossil, I suggest you remove 2 of them in favor of 2 Mr. Mime.

Now, I want you to think about the benefit of Mew in this all psychic deck. Mew will stop those monster evolution decks cold, since most of the hyper decks I see out there these days run 0 stage I Pokemon. Pull a Scyther and a Mewtwo to add 2 Promo Mew.

Energies and Trainers look fine to me.

Good job on a very well constructed deck!