Subj: NidoDrill
Date: 3/26/00 11:31:49 AM Central Standard Time

What's Up! This is my newest deck, NidoDrill, and has one a few game, and
lost a few though not lost as much as it has won. My strategy is to get a
Scyther up front, slashing, while I power up Nidoking and Beedrill and use
Beedrill free retreat to bring out Nidoking when Beedrill is at the wrong
place at the wrong time. Well anyway, here's my deck


Grass Pokemon
3 Bulbasaur
2 Ivysaur
1 Venusaur
4 Nidoran (male)
3 Nidorino
2 Nidoking
2 Scyther
4 Wheedle
3 Kakuna
2 Beedrill
2 Dittos

2 CPU Search
3 Energy Removal
1 Super Energy Removal
2 Bills
2 Energy Retrievals
2 Oaks

21 Grass Energy


3-2-1 Venusaur, 4-3-2 Nidoking, and a 4-3-2 Beedrill and 2 Ditto is a bit much for a deck. You'll definitely run into trouble if you try this, because they all take so long to get out, and you don't have any breeders to help. You'll run into energy problems, and probably wind up losing more Pokemon than you can afford to. Since the name of your deck is NidoDrill, and the 3-2-1 evolution of Venusaur is the most unbalanced, remove the Nidoking Family. Next, drop Nidoran line to a 3-2-2 evolution series, and do the same to the Beedrill line.


With families that run Stage II evolutions, you MUST have Pokemon Breeders in your deck to give your evolutions the speed they need to be viable against Haymakers and potpourris. Add 4 Pokemon Breeders, and 2 Item finders so that you can use them more than once. Also, add at least 2 Pokemon Traders so you can go fish for that evolution, or basic, you need. add one more Super Energy Removal.


Your energies actually look pretty good.


Pokemon (18)

3 Nidoran m., 2 Nidorino, 2 Nidoking, 2 Scyther, 3 Weedle, 2 Kakuna, 2 Beedrill, 2 Ditto.

Trainers (19)

4 Pokemon Breeder, 2 Pokemon Trader, 2 ECU search, 3 Energy Removal, 2 Bill, 2 Energy Retrieval, 2 Professor Oak, 2 Super Energy Removal.

Energy (23)

21 Grass, 02 DCE

There ya have it. 60 Cards. Let me know, if you make these changes, how they worked for you.

Thanks for picking my garage!