Subj: Tell Me If This Deck Is Good.
Date: 3/27/00 1:37:34 PM Central Standard Time
From: (Charles Novak)

Hey, my name is Tom. My deck is Fire Discharge.

That's it. I've tried it and did ok. My Rate:8 Wins 3 Loses.

 Pokèmon (19)
1 Moltres Fossil
2 Growlithe Base
1 Arcanine Base
2 Vulpix Base
1 Ninetails Base
2 Voltorb Base
1 Electrode Base
1 Zapdos Base (I like birds)
3 Electabuzzes Base
2 Lickitungs Base
2 Dodous Base
1 Dodrio Base (Told ya!)

Trainers: (10)
2 Super Energy Removals


Our first step will be to make your Pokemon make sense. Since you said you like birds, I will leave in the Zapdos,in fact, add a Zapdos; but, take out the Voltorb and the Electrode completely. Now, add a Moltres, a Doduo and a Dodrio (sticking with your bird fetish.) Remove the Vulpix and Ninetails, and strengthen your Growlithe/Arcanine line by adding 1 each.


Now, for Trainers, remove maintenance completely. Add a CPU Search, a Gust of Wind, a Pokemon Trader. Now add 3 Bills and 2 Gambler. Since you like SER so much I'll leave it in there.


You have WAY too much energy here, unless you're planning on using most of it to power up Moltres. Drop the Electric to 12 and the Fire to 10. Add 4 DCE.

2 Professor Oak
1 Pokèmon Trader Base
 1 Computer Search Base
2 Mr. Fuji Base
1 Maintenance Base
1 Gust of Wind Base

Energy: (31)
18 Electric Energy
13 Fire Energy


Pokèmon (19)
2 Moltres, 3 Growlithe, 2 Arcanine, 2 Zapdos (B) 3 Electabuzz , 2 Lickitung, 3 Doduo, 2 Dodrio.

Trainers (15)

2 Super Energy Removals, 2 Computer Search, 2 Mr. Fuji, 2 Gust of Wind, 2 Professor Oak, 2 Pokèmon Trader, 3 Bill, 2 Gambler

Energy (26)

12 Electric, 10 Fire, 4 DCE

I still think there's way too much energy in the deck, but energy cutbacks can be difficult to get used to if you haven't had to deal with them before. Let me know, if you make these changes, how they worked for you.

Thanks for picking my garage!